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For a top prospect to end up at our level the high level the same year that player was drafted pablo hitch a one hopper to second glove by march and the throw to first in time for the and there is one way nothing to nothing to score here in the second one out and hundred pence will come up and now there's a different me loses a certain amount of time given where a player's got to sign within that timeframe there's a date in july about four or five weeks from now so it's it's helpful for everyone involved to know a little bit sooner now whether a player can come to terms with the team and obviously the giants are going to be going through that process now with young joey bari so there's a swing in the midst by hundred pence even in san jose for a while so you expect when they do end up signing joey barton that and presumably they will that he will probably go to salem kaiser not right the san jose here's the one strike pitch in the dirt outside for a ball that's usually the path that the young players go through a buster was an unusual path again it'd the handed up in san jose at first year we'll see what does happen with joey bart but generally the organization wants to get them to san jose at at some point it's an important stop for them on their minor league career now pens takes low and outside of knuckle curve missing two hundred on the cat now he would still have several weeks in the minor league season if he if he's able to get him signed by the the deadline in july here's the pitch now penn swings and it's a high pop up foul first base i coming down the line is goldschmidt through the coaches box and he makes the.

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