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The election for the hill dot com and she's on the komo news lie with us from georgia good to talk to you again so how are both sides during the results from last night terrible china to china managed expectation republicans obviously thrilled about having getting a great night having republican karen handel land and quoting about the fact that they're now four four for a special election and y you know democrats are disappointed obviously fingerpointing blaming some time it's each other a little bit play thing that they still higher store at gains they owe the performed a lot of republican districts so it's a little bit of a nick hearings on the democratic side talking about the fingerpointing i'm reading stories about some democrats who are saying that also simply didn't go hard enough on donald trump he tried to play the nice guy above the on the fact that he didn't live in the district could even vote for himself which republicans made a big deal out of he i often little story it was tough for him because in the primary he launched his campaign ah that make trump curious campaign and you know when you get the general you have to appeal to moderate the and in a district lake suburban one in georgia it's a lotta republican voters than he took ten middle of the road approach and didn't tire ruffling feathers played it pretty safe and some people are calling out of that and it's just the party kind of in a riot they're trying to figure out how hard yield against trump how much even mentioned trump and clearly they haven't figure that out yet just given the lack of renewal they've been able to have any special election so lease in a district that has always gone republican the fact that it's under four four percent that separated the republican from the democrat there's something to be said for that isn't there i'll definitely i love it's not an election detach ever democrat republican they're trying to say you know and you keep more than loyal victory that needs to be actual victory that i'm sure many democrats feel outweigh play this is still upon the thing sign for democrats going it twenty eighteen and love the thought that each eight care caraman hillsdale lead the effort.

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