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Far as the anxiety and depression inger idiocy you know it really really got to me it really got up or thinking. Clearly you know I it. It like my therapist. Says it's about reaction instead of thinking about it and then reacting where we're tailored more towards. Here's the problem. Here's the reaction versus. Here's the problem. Here's a solution. Here's the reaction so I did to choke point in the road. And he can't go left to me he can't go right at me. I stopped the car and go to get out of the car. My wife been there with me through thick and thin at that point you know she she would always say like you need to go get help but I always blew it off and go to get out of the car and she's grabbing me. She's like chuck. We do this so it is going so we got our daughter with US reports. Like what you're right so I go to get back into the car and the Guy Closes Orange and that's where being the viral data control. Get Out of our back in his car. I pulled my pistol on him. I threaten to kill on told them wires along and you know just looking back now and seeing the look on his face when I did as he either be an maybe and thinking of what I may have ended his life at that point because of my issued with my anger and my anxiety and not properly angel English situation So nothing I know.

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