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Um uh and dragged record is widely from mother names for guys it's boone interested why i want to one of my three route parities when when he builder the room death when they should blog groomed on the armed be suited ginny wind for his son running of your food business when he did the wind gusts aarschot okay so michael boob lucent chamber the men thought michael jackson the moon walk what are you doing now and where can people find you on the internet if they want a book you uh they wanna have you a person will worth was speaking engagement they got him he noted ho ho ho hearings would require is it the booking hopeful looking weak were speaking events because i'm i'm all about inspiring people and share my story all people may not exceed the careers or or maybe just under the that extra roost to keep going over they started you can two bookings are for inspirational speaking on the enrichmnet gram slam uh two thousand one youngcom or even kill that this could valium some people want to why into your website or your or your show in malir buy your gold at the el nino could be reciprocated but yeah you know i i can be found on facebook on her michael chambers but considering this interview whatever where rich boots running whatever if somebody wants to to look beyond something just go ahead and got contract mike in a new mobile go from there but you are you know i do speaking hebrew.

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