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I said i love the what roles does i don't see it very often people food it to me every night against he you know that thing you're writing about this guy is talking about the same kind of stuff it's really interesting and every time i read rows wilco just blown away the quality of his thinking and my body said when he comes to singapore we have dinner and i said well the next time he comes please involve me i'm happy to buy the dinner i really want to make this guy and and literally no more than two weeks later i get an email from around the blue and it turned it had nothing to do with this mutual friend of i spoken to i was working for for steep dago in singapore on we will raising money for agricultural fund wral had some questions about it and so we don't chatting over email and the next serendipitous thing that happened i was actually going to spain to speak at a family office conference a few weeks after that and i've been despite and since i was seventeen it was with my buddies on on one hundred forty nine pounds for two weeks full boat holiday and so i emailed around said this is going to we i'm coming to spain i'd love to buy you dinner and sit and chat and i'll tell you what i'll let you buy me dinner but in return you can stay at the house and we'll we'll make none of it so i think right so we we ended up sitting down in this tiny little fishing village in spine round the cell phone around analysts rimi and just talking about the world and you know has the conversation evolved through dinner and then rally sitting out in his terrorists until some ungodly hour on the moon in drinking red wine.

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