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Arizona vote. Trump plans to reveal his Supreme Court nominee at the end of the week, and it's very possible Arizona could play a key role in deciding if that nominee is confirmed. As Jeremy Foster joins us Live right now, Jamie Republicans have a 53 47 advantage in the Senate, but that could change on November 3rd. If Democrat Mark Kelly Beach GOP Senator Martha McSally. He could take her spot that same month, meaning he could be the one voting on the president's nominee, not excel. And the reason is because Martha McSally is currently holding the office by appointment. She wasn't actually elected to the office and in the circumstance, there's a special election. Of course Soda is an elections law attorney in the Valley, he told Arizona's Morning news A little earlier, Republicans could put up a legal fight, even if Kelly wins. To try and keep him from taking office this year. Our provisions under Arizona law for election challenges, and ultimately, it would be up to the U. S. Senate because under the Constitution there the judge of the qualifications of their members whether to seat, Mr Kelly, So I think that if he won a decisive victory, it would be difficult to sort of have a legal maneuvering to keep him out. But if it's a close race, he says the Senate may vote to not see him until January. Live in the new center Jeremy Foster Katie, So Arizona's importance in this election in November just continues to grow. We're learning every day. It will be interesting to see how much money might be pouring into this race as well because of it. All right, thanks A lot. Jeremy Foster from the D, A R Business Centre of offensive awarded more than $1.6 million in Diesel Emission Reduction Act grants. To public and private partners in Arizona. That money.

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