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To this is important and I heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. It's 11 23. Traffic and weather together, starting with a Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes looks a lot busier now, Kevin. Yeah, it certainly is a lot of people venturing out right down. We've got a couple delays for watching one of them's down on route 24 north Pound We gotta crash involving a car on its side. It's about a half a mile before 1 39 and that student stretch It's got traffic jam back about two miles now back beyond Harrison Boulevard. And now we're getting reports of a crash in the back up taking out the left lane near Harrison Boulevard. 24 South bound. You got some minor curiosity delays getting by this crash and er, meth Route six. Westbound on the break Soon after Union Street getting over to the right lane work crews at Willow Street That is almost two miles as well. Expressways looking pretty good. Both directions. Downtown. Sterile. Dr. Westbound. Got the right lane taking for work here at the hat shell. You got a minor delay getting by that. Over in Medford, 93. South bound. Watch out for the left lane closure Here it exit 31. That's route 16 up in Danvers 1 28 South bound, ongoing road work Here it Endicott Street, Scott. Traffic solid right back to route 62. This report is sponsored by Wendy's New to the Wendy's two for five line Up is the classic chicken sandwich. So go grab a two for five deal and pick two faves like a Dave single spicy chicken sandwich, No hugs and now the classic chicken sandwich. Two for just five bucks. Price and participation may very limited time. Only Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes and now the four day WBZ AC You weather forecast with AccuWeather meteorologist in DeVore brought to you By the North Atlantic States. Carpenters union is going to be gusty breezes and some sunshine, mixing with clouds, maybe a late day shower of rain or snow through.

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