Justice Department, President Trump, Michael Flynn discussed on The Mark Levin Show


This week now that you have more background the pierre thomas does with respect to the justice department's position on a sitting president united states let's listen the what he had to say cut five go the president in that tweet basically said he believes he's under investigation that sin could become a reality the former fbi director james comey laid out what he believes is a disturbing case he said that the president asked him for loyalty of basically asked him to stop the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn and he said he was fired statue that he basically said just just to language he basically told him the stop he basically said now he did whatever the test as he didn't say that dini mr journalist pays only and you know what else and he might go ahead investigation now muller faces a huge decision does the president who says there's no wrongdoing here or does he go after the president in a way that james comey wants him to do now my sources at telling me how iowa maybe james colmey should be investigated for obstruction of justice he said the way james colmey want him to do that present tense that's not past tense is james comey stoned robin us i'm just curious his james comey stonewalled in this he shouldn't be other than being a witness such as he is go ahead the begun some preliminary planning talks with some people in the administration but he's not yet made that momentous decision to go for a fullscale investigation he's not yet made that momentous decision to go for a fullscale investigation so what's the point of this report i don't even understand it but if mr mollar makes a momentous decision to go for a fullscale investigation a fullscale investigation of what mr thomas pierre thomas here suggesting obstruction because he basically said and basically this that is trump why would you have a fullscale obstruction investigation if you cannot bring criminal charges against the president and he's the one you're investigating for obstruction you see how bizarre this is ladies and gentlemen the reporting his misleading it's inaccurate the journalists for the most part are knuckleheads and dunces if not doctrinaire leftists you're not getting straight stories you're not even getting.

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