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I should get whatever i want. And i don't have an owner so it makes sense right there. You go right the you know. you're just one of the packers fan. Just one of the packers players that owns the team. I actually am on the if you know all. Nfl players are not created equal. If you are aaron rodgers you do get more say and if someone has a problem with that while then too bad. He's aaron rodgers. Same thing with brady. Even when he's in the bucks no certainly doesn't have the history there that he had new england. Obviously but if you're an owner or if your head coach you certainly would rather have. Brady's mentality than one errands doing. He makes it a lot easier. Oh no doubt. And i think they'd brady. They both have earned a certain level of cachet in this league right. They both have super bowls and obviously brady. Is the greatest quarterback ever play the game. Rogers one of the most gifted i quarterbacks to play the position of his era for sure. But i think that tom brady gets to a certain level even more so than aaron rodgers because he has the brand because he has all of the interest outside of football that roger might or might not have and. that's why. I think that these comments from brady. I think that we were talking about them. A because it's brady and be because comments like this from him or so few and far between right like whereas rogers there's kind of everything bubbling underneath the surface. But he'll come out and he'll say something to get you talking. Brady doesn't always do that. Yeah let's wrap up before we get to quit nelson with this. 'cause verte ramat. I've talked about this a lot. The vacationing mad verda ram. He's advert aram cottage or whatever he does on his time off. He's definitely around the lake somewhere. But so i. I think that aaron rodgers is going nowhere. I think i think you'll be plan for the packers on week one. Do you have a similar taker. You often anything's possible. And what would you say well kind of vacillates from me back and forth between being in in your corner that this is all going to work out sometime around. Like august thirtieth. He's gonna show up. He's gonna show up for week. One throw three touchdowns against the saints and off they go but the more people you talked to around the packers good and custos dug in here. You know my sources. Tell me that he's trying to use this to show backbone to show. He's not going to bend to aaron rodgers and he thinks he's right on jordan love. He thinks that jordan love can be a franchise quarterback and he's obviously betting his entire career. If rodgers goes elsewhere doesn't play that love is the guy if it works out. Great if it doesn't have all kinds of ag in your face and you're not going to be an nfl gm ever again. But i think there's probably at least a twenty to twenty five percent chance karm that rogers doesn't play it all this year that it's either green bay or it's nowhere and they'll deal with this after the season with some sort of trade while you actually think he'd sit out. I just feel like you know. Aaron rodgers mentality when he talked to people and i wrote about this a couple of weeks in the wednesday column..

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