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Eighty ninety four northwest, Indiana, and I sixty five or getting reports of whiteout conditions in some spots. Once again toll road, close westbound past state road thirty nine and LaPorte because of a crash, traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM now with an update on the latest Savoy. Dear weather, we go to AccuWeather meteorologist Carl babinski. Miriam on this Monday morning. We're continuing to monitor this storm. Of course, it is intense. The center of low pressure is starting to shift to the east, but still even though it's taken a while, for example for rain in northwest, Indiana and area, south is your car. Go to change the snow is now snowing hard there as it has been in Chicago and many of its northern and western suburbs. For the last several hours taking a look at some of the amounts does far at O'Hare airport. Dave got five inches on the ground. Remember, this has a very wet and slushy consistency. So could be a case where there's five inches on the ground at O'Hare, but had had about eight or nine I could see that happening because it's in the mid thirties at this hour amid way has about one to two inches in that area on the south side, so again amounts varying tremendously generally under an inch to this point in northwest, Indiana because the late changeover, but upwards of a foot to near elk grove in parts of north central Illinois. Roy where it's been terrible and still some very dangerous conditions exist. This morning still a blizzard warning a lakeshore flood warning until noon in some areas to the south and east of Chicago. A winter weather advisory continues all the precipitation the snow will wrap up around seven AM. But it'll still be quite windy and cold today will be mostly in the lower thirties tonight with clearing it'll be in the teens tomorrow and Wednesday sunny, but no higher than the mid twenties. Currently the relative humidity ninety five percent the wind out of the northeast gusting to forty three miles per hour. And it's snowing hard poor visibility down to three quarters of a mile at O'Hare where it's thirty three thirty three at midway thirty six at the lakefront on AccuWeather meteorologist Carl babinski on Chicago's weather station. News Radio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time three forty two. Starting November twenty six. Heavy snow was falling over the Davis mountains of west Texas. But the raw weather could do little to dampen the spirits of astronomers and visitors from across the country fifty years ago today, they dedicated McDonald observatory's one hundred seven inch telescope at the time. It was the third largest telescope in the world. The observatory had started the quest to build a new telescope five years earlier, the university of Texas was looking to upgrade its astronomy program it hired Harlan j Smith to run the observatory and the new astronomy department one of Smith's first goals was to build a big new telescope. And in the case of timing is everything NASA needed help from telescopes on the ground to support its missions to the moon and planets, so the space agency paid for the telescope and instruments while Texas paid for the dome to how's it the telescope's main mirror is almost? Nine feet across. It was made using a relatively new technique chunks of silica were melted together to produce a mirror that was stronger and tougher than conventional mirrors and that didn't.

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