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It helps get more of your taste buds I'm totally going to do this true you don't need to do this is sounds like a dangerous exercise for your constellation Leo like it even more don't follow too soon you're supposed to leave it out that's what he said and don't spit it out repeat bridge I mean this to continue I don't think we substituted free this could be a lot with each bite and then you're supposed to say this quote full ice cream taste profile I don't know where they stand that's just silly but I'm I'm gonna try this to see growth rate had that you don't do all of these sites already you don't put the fork full of ice cream you don't drop down never done that I've always eaten ice cream what I have read no dig this fun the spoon and then you never spoon side down because I don't want the cold metal I same thing I've ever done to you yeah you sensitivity I have sensitive I have sensitive teeth and that was always a good way and then you can kind of slowly lick the spoon in revenge your odds while it's in there what is he for many of the things that you just discuss in that taking taking breaks as well right eating ice cream will be so funny yeah I know this that's a number that already we don't even okay you're going to want to listen all right before we get to that we're gonna be a little lighter traffic here in Robbinsdale starting in ninety four there's pressure on Lowry Avenue to west Broadway Avenue in **** rapids highway ten east and watch out for debris on the roadway right around either Boulevard to fully Boulevard you're good rabbits every ten westbound across from round lake Boulevard to getting ready team in golden valley three ninety four westbound across from Louisiana Avenue to Park Place Denia and also in order of heights have a crash highway fifty two north bound that's right around Concord Boulevard to highway fifty five near forest lake thirty five sell found much of the debris on the roadway that's five highway ninety seven and Broadway your five Eyewitness News weather forecast a few clouds tonight sixty one morning clouds afternoon sun Thursday with a high of seventy a cooling off for Friday Saturday and highs in the mid sixties right now seventy eight and mostly cloudy my talk studios source of family like.

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