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Oh, though I don't I I wonder if that was a bunch of other relatives in who were just trying to keep incognito. No I. I don't know too much for her to see all of us. We're Halloween? Masks. My I don't have I have memories of mom, but I don't have dreams of mom. Like I have great memories a mom and they're always. There when I'm awake you know and I like this last month or so I've had a couple of situations where I go. Oh, mom you that for me or go I wish I had MOMS raising mumble recipe or I remember mom all of us sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows you know always really fun connections, but I don't have dreams about my mom. Well, that's interesting because you mentioned the fire pit and there was a fire in the beach. Dream to yeah. I. Don't know if there's a connection she could have been there, but she's just not Mom was really fun and you know when we were kids I remember we would get up set the table, put a pot on the stove full of water and clean the house, and then we would leave the house in I. Do not recall that we ever got to go back in the house during the day mom would take us out and I think. I don't know mom didn't like house, but we had to have the health spotless for when dad got home from work there would never be a suck in the living room or a hairbrush lane on the bathroom counter. It had to be spotless and I just remembered that mom would take us to the lakes and she would sit at a picnic table and play cards with her girlfriends or swim with us and have. Picnics and pick berries and and then we got to go home but not before dad got home or it was the same, it would always be around the same time you're getting to know me we'll cathy. Thank you so much for sharing all these stories with me on the listeners today it's been really fun getting to know this side of you better. My hope is that hearing these stories will really help to validate. Ability to trust their own psychic and intuitive experiences. Yeah. So thank you again for taking the time to talk with me about them well, and maybe if I think of anything else if anything jumps in front of meal, pass it on. Yeah. Okay, I'll talk to you later. Okay. Take care. Well dreamers I have been wanting to do this episode for a long time both to preserve some of these family stories and also to help spread the word that psychic abilities and intuition Har- Real The more we talk about it the more we can normalize it as something we can access and trust when we need it. I also wanted to reflect for a moment on some of the things that.

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