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I'm i'm vice. President of the executive board as well as vice president of uganda and operations. And so i will be doing operations work for three weeks in covering five hundred to a thousand miles of different districts that we're doing business in so in my absence. We have prerecorded with producer. Paul three episodes shorter episodes. That will give you some insight into the next chapter into wells of life in india again. So producer paul saw yours. I'm curious as you head back to africa again once again. How did you find this purpose in. Life really started through the show. Didn't it's started to this show. Nine thousand nine hundred s nine hundred. Seventeen twenty seventeen. I don't think it was one hundred years Twenty seventeen with nick jordan who seal walls of life he came on the podcast told the story of wells of life providing watered at that time it was probably to over four hundred thousand people. I was so intrigued and so moved by what he had to say. That i immediately became a We we Funded three wells. That would give water to three thousand people. I then took a trip to uganda. Fell in love with the people fell in love with the mission with the work that it has been done and as a result became a trustee for wells of leiden again and two months later vice president of the executive board. And that's how it works. You know when you walked in the door in you said kind of retiring from my longstanding role as a ceo coach. You looking for your own. Next chapter life was over and you were exploring. What were you missing at that point in time. I haven't even thought of this and and it is so true at the time we started this. Podcast i was in a time of Deep consternation and in a time of struggle for who. I was personally because i retired from my business. As an executive coach to high level people of of very successful companies and it was not an intended retirement. Although it was sixty five years old it was a retirement. Because i had sort of a anxiety attack of anxiety that i really could not overcome so i needed to leave and what that left me with was a blank slate and two things. Were really strong in my life. Paul and that was feelings of uselessness and boredom. Now you said you didn't know what to do with yourself..

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