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Baby. Let's go. Today's rip rant is titled Bain camp. No, this isn't a story about that one time at Bank Kane. This is about the net flicks docu series marching orders Senate around the legendary h. b. c. you. But dome cookman university marching band. Watching this docu Surrey's I noticed something that disturbed me, but also that I've known to become and with black marching band since I've encountered them in high school in it sending a HP see this something that's why are all the flag girls, quote, unquote, big girls. And why is the dance team considered quote unquote eye? Candy. I went back to every time I've seen a black, marching Bain and how these separate parts were constructed this way, couldn't find the answer to why this is. Why is this way? I'm not even sure there's an answer for this and I wasn't concerned about doing any research to find out why based off of my disturbance. Now, let me stop and say, I'm not using the term big girls to be funny. I'm solely using it in the context of describing how society and maybe even the Bank coacher labels. So as I watched the show ex my so so what big girls can't Danes? Because I've seen plenty that can dance. Great. Do they not have the ambition to be on the dance team or is it just an unwritten rule that the big girls can't shouldn't and wouldn't make the Danes team? Is this same unwritten rule in place, full girl who is consider caney in relation to being a flag girl. A few things about the show stood out to me a couple of the dance team. Girls were quoted as saying they are considered the eye candy of the bane. By the way. Another words, a couple of the flag Earls were two overweight Sutphin uniforms and could not participate in the band during the season. Lastly, knowing that flag girls had limited uniforms, no one that was considered a leader in the bay mission to the quote unquote bit girls ahead of time on Kerr's a more healthy lifestyle in order for them to fit these uniforms. Needless to say, my disturbance was censored around the coacher of underlying body shaming and stereotypes when it comes to what I have seen with black, marching bangs reprint. But I do encourage everyone to watch that series on Netflix is marching orders. Twelve minutes about it about every time you saying a black marching vein, you've seen all the flag girls. They're only big girls. I never thought about an Eva, but when I was in blue it was they wasn't being, but that is dancing not. We did not. Nigga their dances blue. You tripping the band of the century..

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