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Love songs of more towards that sociopolitical angle and they had a little bit less success dolores o'riordan put out so album and two thousand seven called are you listening that was during the time when the ban was on hiatus they did split in two thousand three and the reunited in two thousand nine my guess are amanda petrovic staff writer for the new yorker and the author of do not sell at any price the wild obscene obsessive obsessive i'm sorry obscene orderly fair ref seems totally fair if italy idled says of hide for the world is seventy rpm records hey karen hello amanda end on the phone we have charles aaron of freelance writer and editor who was a boss of mine has been magazine for a while on he was actually his tenure on staff it's been spanned sixteen years i guarantee i kind of organized this is a bit of a spin cast because the three of us actually all worked at spin at the same time in the early 2000s that's right and i believe sign michael was the editor in chief when i was karens in turn and is now also here at the times that is true we also have duvets cough yeah that's rate thank you guys so much for joining me today on a saudi cajun the reason i've asked you both here is because you've both written stuff about delores in the past few days and i thought you know it's conversation could be very useful charles actually just want to start with you because you wrote a first person account of your interviewing the band in 1994 i hoping that you could tell that story a little bit it was a time when i was freelancing out is yet to be on stop it's been an i wasn't a huge cranberries fan but i i took the assignment i went up to hartford connecticut and they were opening four duran duran and.

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