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To go wrong. And if you know what everybody's so happy we have this. Great bullpen. But what what does bullpen going to look like in September. If they're being used over and over and over because it started can't go. It seems a seem. So like, you know, it seems so elementary. What this thing in this gets back to it? And I'm not one to press the you know, the alarm button. But it's like, I think that Boone I gave my year last year. He got a hundred wins with this team. I understand that. And I'm not one of these guys that just rushes to judgment. But when you're a puppet of Brian Cashman like you really need to rethink what's going on magin. If the boss was around right now managing George Steinbrenner senior was around. I don't even know Aaron Boone would still have a job. He he probably would make a phone call to Joe Girardi and be like, hey, I want you to come back because with this youth of team. Need somebody that can crack the whip last night a perfect example. It was had four million hits on Twitter that when they asked Aaron judge about Aaron bones comment about turning the corner in Aaron judge went what do you mean turning the corner? Like a heat looked actually upset. And bloom does not crack the whip on these guys and maybe Joe Girardi actually cracked a with a little bit too much. That's why he doesn't have a job anymore because they want to protect these guys. But they're all Dulce. I I understand I got to get to my break. We'll come back 'cause I wanna talk a little more about that. But that's the problem. No matter how good you bullpen is. If you start can't give length they're going to be burned out twenty pages fan.

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