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You're going to master something i dunno if you guys could hear that but mitchell just did to perfect crank it was amazing the actually knocked me unconscious for like a half a second in what's crazies i didn't land in between both kicks i was in the air and just kind of hovered there that was really advanced crank kicker while if there was a video portion of this i mean it would make more sense for that but they just will never see it well it's too bad because this is an audio podcast maybe someday guys you never know yeah i mean yes all right but all series and this this of course is the part of the show where we i thank our guest so thank you mr geurt sleeper for joining us and i also want to give a very special shout out because in the time since we recorded this episode the director of the karate kid actually died and i was sad to hear that because i i really am a fan of the way this movie was directed it's it's definitely like an old school style of directing and i really appreciated the craft in the form and when i didn't realize was the director john g albertson and also directed rocky which makes a lot of sense says make a lot of sense i think i think when they're looking to make this movie there are like we need somebody who knows how to added how to shoot fighting that's going to be legit and they probably were like well let's get the guide iraqi and i think he did a really amazing job i mean he he died at age eighty one so i hope he lived a very full of filling life but i certainly i am a fan of of your work sir and thank you and it's very sad to hear of your passing and i just wanted to say thank you for giving us this movie.

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