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To the weekend stakes preview. On the horse racing radio network presented by naira vets. Low rock is the leaders that come the quarter pole. tisza magician. Runs in second and moretti is next in third as they head for home. Now hairs taza up to challenge rock for the lead moretti's on the outside and third rise. The guy is in fourth and there are at the eighth pole editors lone rock who is opening up on the field here. Lone rock is all alone here. In deep stretch lone rock rally pouring it on to win the brooklyn stakes decisively. Tisza magician was second and more already finished third and the time was two minutes. Twenty five and one fifth seconds now. Here's bobby newman. Good evening and come to this week's edition of the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bedtime. Bobby newman here on the horse. Racing radio network. God analysis of fifteen. I said it correctly. Fifteen huge races from around north america. This weekend we've got racist at belmont. We've got racist at churchill. We've got races north of the border up at woodbine. We've got a big race down at laurel lots to get to this weekend's edition of the weekend stakes preview presented by nyerere bats. Don't forget there off. The belmont fall meet is here with the long awaited opening. Just this past thursday. Horses are sprinting out of the gate and they're giving out an extra two hundred dollars for anyone to get in on the action. Naira bets is offering a two hundred dollar sign up bonus for this historic fall.

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