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Hi, it's eighties. Movies are C Thomas Howell. A. Hello. A star is great see Thomas How your firm. Self aware I think the eighty s were probably might peak right. We degrade the hitter yeah. Red Dawn See Thomas L.. WHAT'S UP BUD? Hey, well I just want to give you guys, USC Lucy. You know obviously the entertainment industry shutdown right now. You can't really film, so we're all having to look for alternative revenue streams. So. I've taken a job as a spokesperson. And I have changed my name in the process. What's your new name? my name is no longer seat Thomas. Howell Nitsa see Hamas towel. Because I am so excited about Brooklyn's new line of towels well look. I don't want to criticize your personal choices and I'm glad you're finding work and I mean. I might not personally change my name to advertise these towels, but I will say I will say I've got these towels. Recently got a pair of Brooklyn Towels in my house. They are pretty good. They you know they are kind of named changing Lee good. Yeah, they're pretty great I. WanNa. Make it clear. I actively sought out this. Because I'm such a big fan of the towels. I mean look you lie sitting there. Kicking back, you got this cushy podcast. I've seen your Patriot on and here you are getting. Brooklyn and sponsorships thrown at you because people like your content meanwhile. I had to prove to Brooklyn in that. I was a value to them as a spokesperson, so yes, maybe I changed my name permanently to see Hamas towel correct because these towels are great I'm very passionate about this is a passion project for me I mean so if you wanted to advertise, some Hamas could be seized. See Hamas. Towel. That's ridiculous. Why would I was so sorry for saying? I mean that sounds like a sweaty bit okay these towels. They mean a lot to me. Because especially now we're all in lockdown right I find that the shower can be the most important part of today, if not a good time, the three or four most important parts of the day. We're all feeling very germ conscious right now. We're spending a lot of time indoors or starting to hit that summer heat. There's nothing quite like getting a brief or maybe even lengthy shower to relax and we all hate. Getting out of the shower, right, it's often a rude awakening to step out of the the warm embrace of shower. But there's nothing to ease.

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