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I guess that's the before the front or whatever. But. Yeah. Yeah. We we've been looking at it all week. You know? I mean, we have bidding. Yup. Yup. I'm getting some I'm getting a couple of trips out this one on state water red snapper trip. In an eight hour shift. It'll probably go offshore and do some bottom fishing. But yeah, it's been well, it's not that many people here right now. However the winter Texans are trickling. A couple of new ones every day. Uh-huh. You know that I really good front. Then we'll boys have to start packing up because momma says oh, no rain. Fifty five. It was twenty five. Oh, no, come on baby. We had to go. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be snowing here for long we can't get out there. Yeah. We gotta go. Oh, I don't have a lot of fishing report except that I cannot keep alive. Mullet. We're selling out alive moment every day. Because the red Fisher by aspects say red fish must be crazy red faith, the Bolander everywhere, the red fish or how does that redfish? No that that could go grab that one mullet on that hook. Boy, they're catching a lot of them. And a few flounder seem about a half dozen flounder in this week that caught on rod and reel out of the jetty. So. Yeah. It's it's getting good. Yeah. And one thing I learned from an old guy down there. He's not around that part of the world anymore. But he hey fish for red fish for a living. Yeah. He he he's at that. Damn you could sell them, and he was selling them to the restaurants and everything, but he would take those mullet and paint their Gill plate patient, pretty hard. Not hard enough to kill him. Just hard enough to end those gills a little bit in that little trick la- blood and run out there. And he says you can catch twice as many red fish with that because they can smell that blood. Well, that's one of the things you're supposed to text me off the air. Okay. Well. Now, you can sell more mullet now quarter of a million people know that secret. Oh, yeah. That's it. So, but any are they all good Molitor? I mean, a good grade fish are they bul- bul- reds or what most of the ones I'm seeing or twenty three twenty four twenty five inches. Okay. Kinda funny. The boss came the other night. I was already closed. I just fixing the clock out and somebody's banging on the back door. And I'm thinking God dang, you know, looking it's MAC, and I will unlock the door. And he runs in says, I gotta get some hooks. And then I gotta get some mother. Right there. A outfitters to get your mother lots sold out. What? I said normally that make you happy 'cause you're the one that gets that bait man, he couldn't believe it. He said I chance first time I've had a chance to go fishing lake. So, but yeah, I'll have a fishing report in the morning. -magine? It'll be one another great trip with what that state waters. Send me a picture out put it up and catches him. So good on that trip. And I've got a pretty good load. I'll probably got about twenty five people. Good gosh. So so that's good. And we'll let you know in the morning. I'll get a picture this evening. So now, I wonder if he's going to stay in close or he's going to turn and go down down toward down, south doubt going out. And he goes way south. Yeah. I know where he had come out from Baffin bay. You know? In about sixty sixty five feet of water. You know, what that is? Don't you? As part of that meteor the that hit down there. Well, it's part of the rock pilot meteor left when it blew out when it hit up there close to you entertain right out in front of Brownsville where that trenches where they go out there. And we'll go and kick. I don't think he's going quite that far. Okay. I know what you I know exactly what. I don't think he's going quite that far east fishing than the more worm Paul's in prehistoric worms it made them rocking Baffin bay, right? No. That thing down. There is is. I don't know how long ago that happened. But it would. Rock your world, if you'd have been close to their when that sucker hit we we hunted a lease the Guajardo, Dan close freer between between Qatar now and smell and freer dearly and a palm trees, they're petrified. Now, of course, but they were probably the base was six to eight foot tall, whether they'd been laid down just lay down in a row where that thing hit and the wave just took it out, but they were laid down in row, and they was probably forty five or fifty Malayan laying there, and they were they were the whole tree. And they were all petrified..

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