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J. trump when a study of the concept of a James Carville is one of those individuals who is not exactly on the same page as most of the rest of us are trying to get the country moving forward trying to pull all in one direction R. Carville and who is very active in getting a Clinton elected radar to American idol and I actually was very active in GOP politics very odd couple she it is very comfortable in saying if you are a conservative you want people to die because you will not change your voting system is to sound the alarm said Mitch McConnell and and and the Supreme Court going to do everything they can to hold on to power speaker Pelosi and Schumer but we've got to dig out and make sure the states are funding to conduct these elections and to put pressure on to make sure to dump that reducing it responsible was but one of those awful things I've ever seen in my life you know just go your big step that would double go to hold on to power I don't about one should bring your seat in the stocks they will kill people to stay in power little yeah they will kill people nationalism what happens if the virus is still around November twenty to cancel the election is over you're advocating Mr carvel that info novel if if there's a public health threat this coming first Tuesday in November do you cancel the election like the democratic governor Wisconsin tried to do yeah well I mean it's it's easier to seize power if you can simply say there are no elections and I have a funny feeling they'll be all four of the election taking place on the first Tuesday in November tried seven twenty one coming up next the Attorney General was some really revealing statements regarding the current investigation by John of bull Durham with morning drive continues Richie automotive wants to let all WCB unless there's no that they remain open for business for any and all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs they are aggressively enforcing social distancing I will handle things outside and curbside if you are sick.

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