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Per day that is CBS's Ben Tracy the medical pharmaceutical and biotech industries are continuing to provide testing treatment and also working toward a vaccine for Dover nineteen the crisis also has the full engagement of the military's scientific departments they mobilized in a unique way what's interesting about what the army in the military are doing they're trying to take the steps required to develop a vaccine and do them rather than in sequence at the same time in parallel so they are working on a vaccine they are also working aggressively on diagnostics and therapeutics treatments all three things happening simultaneously that's A. B. C. chief medical correspondent Dr Jennifer after an investigation into the firing of a former captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt is about to be widened the acting navy secretary says after reviewing the preliminary findings he's now been advised to ask for a deeper review because there are unanswered questions navy officials had recommended captain Brett closer be restored as the ship's commander he was fired after appealing for more help to control a corona virus outbreak on the ship nine hundred sailors have tested positive about is CBS's Cammy McCormick the U. S. military will help New York City health workers cope with the stress of coronavirus civic leaders often talk about coronavirus in war terms mayor bill de Blasio compared the stress among health care workers to the stress of combat officers from the U. S. army who are doing this crucial work live learn the lessons of what our soldiers go through war and understood what they need to address it and they're gonna be helping us military trauma specialists will train city hospital personnel and stress management and assess the mental health of hospital workers on the frontline of the battle against corona virus Erin cutters he ABC news New York another fly over by the U. S. navy's blue angels called offer today the crew's been going across the country doing special flyovers to show support for the front line workers battling cold nineteen today Detroit had been scheduled for whatever you'll visit a spokesman for the group says the plans were only Terry but twice does remain on the list president trump using the defense production act of force meat processing plants to remain open keeping the supply chain going health officials are warning the move does put plant workers address United food and commercial workers International Union says president trump's order forcing meat processing plants to remain open puts workers lives in jeopardy Jan McCollum is the commissioner of the Minnesota department of health at a time when we're seeing such an explosive increases in numbers of cases in the impacts on surrounding communities it seems problematic according to the union twenty food processing workers have died of cold feet ninety nationwide more than sixty five hundred have already been sickened or exposed to the virus Bryan Burrough ABC news this is the high end beef while cool it is southern Idaho beef provider now that he's donating about two million dollars worth of that beef to San Francisco food banks because of the pandemic it shut down many food businesses Snake River farms which supplies the high end beef to restaurants sending it to meals on wheels self help for the elderly the San Francisco Marin food bank as well as others some of those who get their food through those organizations could see the pricey cuts of meat in their bags this week sports have been called off and we're waiting for some plans and clearance to play again there are reports of major league baseball's investigating various options to try to started salvage the twenty twenty season what a scenario has the thirty teams splitting into three regional divisions and playing only within those regions Florida Arizona and Texas the hope is to start in late June and no later than July second playing a roughly one hundred game schedule any plan would require widespread testing for the virus and medical approvals from state and local officials and if conditions improve teams could switch to their home parks if fans are allowed in only a percentage of seats would likely be sold Steve Caton CBS news.

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