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It's good got a lot of resources on them adding resources all the time It's just a lot of purpose driven type. Stuff's how to find purpose I got the book out there now. Living Life on purpose a practical guide I. think that would help a lot of folks who maybe you're in the situation where they don't know where they're going. They're lost But I want to be on a stress this because I want to be very clear that if you're going through a traumatic event right now, though again reach out to somebody physicals making touch, counselors pastors great places to start men these are people who love on you in do the right thing to help you out in the immediate media cause serious stuff gas I mean. If if you've ever had the gun in mouth, even if only figuratively you've been thinking about. About even planted, you had a knife out, or whatever you need to? You need to reach out and let some people hope because they're there, and it's no stigma to it or the military stake taken the stigma away from mental health and depression, and all those kinds of things, so there's no reason why those of us in the civilian sector can't take advantage of these things. There's no stigma anymore. People know that mental health issues and depression and things like this are real. And they WANNA help. Man That's awesome. That's awesome. Awesome! Awesome, thank you. I think petsmart. Appreciate you coming on the show. Rob dudes listening into this. There's links down below to connect with mark and there's also. There's great resources that you know we can. We can point you to or whatever, but like we asked, we asked two questions for you. If, this resonated reach out and go. Hey, man, this resonated i. need some help on lost, and if we can't help it, you will appoint you the right direction and point you some other resources but guys. Military people out there, specifically I salute you. Thank you for your service Love. And you're not alone and thank you for listening into the shop. Talk to you all on the next episode. We'll see PETSMART. They..

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