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That's one hundred percent I feel like that's one of things where it's not even debatable. Whether, it's. From aliens at popping out of your belt. You know like you don't know what to. Do something simple like just an extraterrestrial other other world, the insect that. Or plant life or you know it was pretty good that movie life. Life Oh. Yeah, that movie tripped me out instantly, Ryan. Reynolds dice like so quickly, but it wasn't funny good. You'll quick quick because we can talk about trevor, but that reminded me when Ryan Reynolds died like the star. The movie died so fast. It was like when. Totally off topic of. The movie on the plan executive decision with all night immediately. Movies where he's mad and shit. Russell! Secret Service guys on the plane and he dies immediately well. Like lydon's no West Craven in fucking scream, man fucking drew Berry Moore dies which in the like the first like ten minutes. Not even. What's your favorite scary movie? Exactly they the biggest factor. She's just like kind of making a cameo. Campbell at Fan Expo Man, she's fucking good-looking. At about a show. A show to game of thrones I don't know if thrones but whole fucking thing where the only notable actor was the Michael Biehn dude the. And he dies like in episode, two or three whatever to spark off the whole. Anyway getting back to what was the original question? I, know we. Everything's alliens exist in my opinion and. I. Say to people I stayed. The most ignorant thought a human being can have as you think. We're the only fucking people in the universe. I believe in my opinion, there is things watching us, and if quantum physics is where we think it is, or if it is true or not, the fact that we only see ten percent of a visual spectrum, those reality in general doesn't. Nothing then I. Don't see ultra. You don't see gamma rays. We don't see any of this bullshit, so there's definitely something whether it's the smallest. Little organism is definitely life. We've in other. Off Realities Right. Like clashing in that show Black Mirror is pretty dope. Somebody episode of. Black Mirror. And Technology I wanted the conspiracy thing you know sci-fi conspiracy things that I say that the doom of the human race will probably be something that has to do with technology. Technology becoming so advanced where robots start replacing humans, and they might be some kind of volt because they're putting out of work and. The possibilities are endless for an apocalyptic world and think about how dope terminator is now. Terminator. Of a world where machines take over so stole. And another conspiracy theory that a lot that's getting a lot of light now is whether governments have vaccines or cures for a Colbert and things that the keeping. One hundred. That's another one hundred percent of that I believe I think it's interesting, but also you. You're definitely naive to believe that they don't have the Pharma like they don't make money if they don't. They're making like money off dying lives. That's. One name bring up Magic Johnson Magic Johnson. came out with as during the height of AIDS killing everybody. Outlive us all. The Terry of people with power, having access luminosity, or having access to things that the poor people don't come on, that's. would be an I see and I bring this up to a lot of people to watch this this in my own podcast of is like ill bills line in future. Rama or one of the non fiction lines is like nine, hundred, seventy five. They create AIDS I laboratory like and I believe that Shit and I believe that there is curious for all these things and Pharma makes money off of dying lies. Those fucking pharmaceutical companies would not make money if it wasn't for people slowly dying. It's like we'll give. You have to pay for. Top best onto on top of that. They're gonNA make more money, the pharmaceutical companies, the doctors and all this stuff. It's all one big cycle. They're all working in cahoots right, but the fucking. They're not gonNA make money by treating and helping. You know helping you to feel better, but not curing. I know that's that's the point, yes. We're not gonNA give the cure now because you can't make money. If you. If they were to cure every fucking disease, they can't make money, and it's all about money and money is the root of all evil, they say. Drugs legal if they made drugs legal. You know. Look what was happening right now with the rights and all that bullshit, right? It's only get worse from here but I got to end this autumn. More positive note. I guess I'm going to ask you for your show. Something like that, but. I was put. The end is any funny stories that like you would never have had together like any any stories are memorable for you. That like are like significant that just like you guys know each other, and you're kind of bond because you guys are both characters. Your character knackers a fun character. I watched that motherfucker all the time on instagram live. He's he's such a funny ass. fucking gutter dude and doesn't give a fuck. Well, we got tons of stories I. Mean things that. We've literally been on tour in different countries like weird fucking areas where something happened and we fucking. Laughing hysterical. In tears on the floor and Shit like that with this? We can't even control ourselves, and plus we like to abuse people do. kind of like kind of like. Another Canadian Tom Green! We're big fans of people. Run up a music store and start playing guitar. Smash on the floor just for reaction. You know kind of bowl breaking Borat like Borat comedy show. We're making jokes out of people, but like you know they're expensive, GonNa. I just what happened in fucking. Where was it Sweden and you guys like knocked the fucking? Shit a bunch of kids. That really, not a comedy story, but yeah I mean sometimes. I was just like I remember reading about that and it wasn't. The is trying to start shit, and then you necker kindest handled it. The! What happened with the Sweden thing? I think it was the opening the openers in Sweden open, Makhdoom. openers dated like the fact that you know I. Guess they were first of all. They're opening for us and second of all. I go there rap kids. Iraq and we were doing our show. One of our crew members had dumped in the crowd to start a mosh pit like the because a lot of people. Ashton going on around. So, our front do this. Kid drew. He's a good friend of ours. She's a rugged dude for Manchester. He jumps in the pit, and he starts painting, and I guess the openers were in the crowd to and I guess they weren't familiar with moshing built Sweden. Hip Hop kids whatever they take kind regional. Drew back into them got rough with them, so they they headbutted, drew off for a boy and hit him with something, and then I drew. Was You know normally? He just started swinging on them, but having respect for us and I'll show. He came back up on stage and was like. Oh. These these fucking people in the crowd headbutted the they got. They got nasty with me when I was hitting. Word of jumped into crowd to go hand literature, so we jumped out. We're. What we're doing, and then so then we we them up. Through some punches. Hamed, no one back on stage. Restart doing a show again drew. Joe, Juneau drew jumps in the pit again and in the same shit happens again, so we thought it was over. The ship was dead, so we jump back in and now the bounces trying to separate US jet so now we're fighting with bounces. Punch bounces in the face like the whole thing becomes a big melee, fucking crazy shit. fucked up a lot of like. I'd. necker is is he's not still band. Is he now, so we basically had to give apology to like the..

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