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A dish that she found sitting underneath a plant holder she would also candy fruits for the other inmates and at one point figured out how to make a poor man's custard she mentioned that her chore was to clean the shoe for special holding unit to which conan joked quote i bet you were very thorough and quote on david letterman when she set the record straight on rumors that she'd been in a fight i slipped on some wet floor and i got a really bad black and blue mark on my arm and people notice that got called right down and wanted to know who i had been in a fight with she knew she could repair reputation with good humor of course to stewart the biggest joke is that this entire ordeal could have been avoided if she would have kept her shares in imclone due to the scandal prison sentence and trial by public opinion stewart lost three hundred thirty million dollars between two thousand two and two thousand five by selling her shares in imclone early she saved a measly forty five thousand dollars some would say that stewart pay twice for her crimes her downfall evoked a sense of blood thirst in the public lynagh riskin easy of the daily news summed up these feelings aptly quote she is to confident to competent to rich she's even to pretty and quote writer david plots with slate pointed out that while martha did indeed commit a crime there are many male ceos guilty of far worse who have yet to serve prison time kenneth lay and jeff skilling of enron for starters plots writes quote this trial was more about reprimanding this cunning businesswoman for her personality than about punishing her actual criminal offense and quote and indeed over three million people watched her get sentenced to prison on national television treating it like a sporting event for many it felt like she was being punished for being unapologetically successful stewart once joked that people would prefer she dig a hole and jump in it and hide instead of continually assert her dominance in a male driven media industry although for some the thing that makes her so repelling is the very talents that made her famous in the.

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