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45 on Colorado's Morning news. Let's do some sports now with B K. And how about those nuggets? Yeah, the Nuggets to live to fight another day after last night's come from behind 1 19 107 win in Orlando over Utah, even their opening around Siri's at three games apiece. Jamal Murray scored 50 for the second time in the series. And speaking of fighting the Blue Arrow was emotional as post game interview on TNT as well as in his press conference. What are a lot of passion? What you 5% no means all up, more. Find this fight for a long time, and we're trying to be tired. Like I said, I go there and find some, um, lose. I go there and find some on me ever fight in the game. Murray's Adidas sneakers featured pictures of George Floyd and Briana Taylor. The Nuggets would like to become on Ly the 12 team in MBA history to come back from a 31 deficit and win a series game seven tips off inside the NBA's Disneyworld bubble tomorrow night at 6 30. Avalanche now find themselves trying to chase history sort of and become just a 27 teams since the playoffs expanded to climb out of a 31 hole after last night's 54 lost to the Stars in Game four. Head coach Jerry Bender certainly wouldn't guarantee his team can even win Game five to stay alive, but knows these guys will have to dig deep. It's simply this gets And it doesn't guarantee the victory. But you you got to really want it. You got to really want it. You got to remember all the hard work you've put in for It's over a year now. Quick turnaround for Colorado. They skate with the Stars in Game five tonight, Ned Minton Puck drop at 7 45 Herman Marquez in the Rockies look to bounce back from their 13 to lost to the Padres. In Game four of their Siri's Tonight It's a later start than normal. Seven. 41st pitch our coverage on K O in the free I Heart radio APP comes your way at seven and the Broncos making addition to their roster, adding hybrid linebacker safety Mark Baron spent last year the Steelers the bulk of his career with the Rams on a one year deal. He'll be a practice today after yesterday's ofthe day for the Broncos. They started 9 15 at UCL Training Center. That's more Sabrina Crystal locating his radio. The Broncos. Can we use your time? 5 47 right now on Colorado's morning news? A very cool morning, but don't get used to it. The National Weather Service is cooling trend will be short lived today and tomorrow. Temperatures in the seventies too low eighties, But temperatures are expected to warm up for the rest of the week. August has been one of the hottest on record in Denver, with a long streak of days at 90 degrees or above. Yeah, we will take the break. The cooler weather should help the firefights around our state Cameron Peak Fire incident Commander Troy Hagen says Fire crews are having to deal with more beetle kill true trees than expected, so there's a high amount. Of dead standing trees that are essentially ready to burn that fire near Fort Collins has consumed more than 23,000 acres and damaged one structure. The acting secretary of Homeland security,.

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