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The starting wage of fifteen dollars an hour and for context. The minimum wage in alabama is also the federal minimum wage which is seven dollars. Twenty five cents an hour which makes amazon starting wage of fifteen dollars an hour. More than double the alabama minimum. That is actually a big point four. Jim spits lee over the mercedes benz plant as he's watching this big amazon union. Vote play out it'll send a nami ripple but it's going to send one. It's going to let people know that. Hey even people fifteen dollars an hour. Seventeen dollars an hour can have union in their workplace. Bessemer warehouse workers will be voting by mail through the end of march. If this votes exceeds at an anti union place like amazon in alabama. This could turn a whole new page for both the company and the region to sell your from. Npr's business thanks for joining us. Thank you this. Episode of the indicator was produced by general hawks law and fact check by sam sai special. Thanks to claire. Miller and indicator is edited by paddy hirsch and is a production of npr. This episode of life can't were getting intimate exploring yourself really great way to one pass the time but also just to get to know yourself better understanding the power of touch and south pleasure. How self appreciation can spark deeper engagement with ourselves. And the world. Listen now to. Npr's life kit..

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