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The constitutional crisis that is brewing is also something that's highlighted by this op Ed because it is not constitutional or acceptable for people who are unelected unelected aides in the White House to actively subvert an elected president. And that's why what should have happened with this writer as if if he or she truly thought that Donald Trump is dangerously unfit per person for the White House, they should speak publicly and resign and alert the country to that danger with their name attached to it. The op Ed says meetings with him, Donald Trump, veer off topic. And off the rails engages in repetitive, rents his impulsiveness results in half baked ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions. Why? If a person is working in that White House, don't they resign? Come clean and make that campaign public. I. Couldn't agree with you more with the premise of that question. I mean, I think what is said in this op-ed is in a way old news we, we don't have to have the private workings of the White House to think about Donald Trump is someone who rants who is impulsive who goes off script, this things that these are things that he does in public, but the judgments from people behind the scenes that he is unfit for office, and they need extrordinary action to stop him from his most dangerous impulses would be more effective to send that message publicly and what should have happened in this. If there's truly a group of people in the White House who feel this way they should publicly resign. They should attach their names to all of their statements and they should testify before congress. That Trump is somebody who's a danger to the country, and this is from people in his own party. This is not people who are out to get him. It is from people who believe in his agenda and yet find the person objectionable and dangerous. And you make the constitutional point that under the constitution, that's what should happen. You shouldn't have people snatching bits of paper away from him to stop him, signing them, which was part of. The Bob Woodward revelations that this should be done in open court in some way. Yes. And that's why some people have called this an administrative coup. I think that's going too far with the language, but that being said there is a constitutional mechanism to to remove a president that people deemed to be unfit for office either through the twenty fifth amendment, which the op-ed said, senior aides suggested that's an amendment in which the cabinet officials can decide to remove the president from office or through impeachment. And for both of these, it would be very helpful for a senior White House aide who seen the chaos in the White House to speak publicly and not allow the president to say this is an anonymous source because even though it's even though it is real person and we're, we're sure about that there is going to be people in Trump's base who believed that the New York Times has made up this the source, and it's going to play into Trump's paranoia and his attacks on the media, Brian class from the London School of economics, staying in the United States, and Nevada is the only state to allow. Prostitution, legal brothels generate tax revenue for the rural counties where that based and millions of dollars for their owners. But some residents becoming increasingly intolerant of these places which seem to belong to a bygone era. Lucy ash has been to Nevada's most famous brothel the moonlite bunny ranch to investigate. I have. I'm jennifer..

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