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Seventy k b o our radio he is eric harley and i'm gary mcnamara coming up following the bottom of the hour some great words written about the case of alfie evans in in great britain the twenty three month old child who it's been hospitalized with the rare neuro degenerative disorder will get to that coming up here following the bottom of the hour looks like a at least a you can never tell from the arguments but i i've always thought that the travel ban case was a clear cut case as is the daca case of ever goes to the supreme court it seems at least by the questioning that you got from the judges it does seem like they understand the arguments also and understand that the president the majority understands that the president has the absolute authority to do what he is doing with the travel ban whether you agree with it or not whether you think it's positive or not that's not the question right president have the authority to do that and it looks it looks as if right now by just by the question sometimes you can't tell but it looks like the questioning i think most people agree showed that most the majority judges are favourable toward the executive branches argument your forecast is sponsored by omnitracs lingering showers in the northeast for the new england states primarily north of boston will be moving offshore in the west though things coming on shore for places like seattle portions of oregon and northern california with the likelihood of showers today that will extend into the i fifteen region into around boise and helena montana as you moved southward toward the desert southwest we do pick up a chance of rain today on the airasia new mexico border any amount of showers there this time of year is much welcomed high pressure.

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