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Note lorraina story today. Fox News would take the place of Howard Stern and the twenty four hour news cycle would focus on what she did rather than what he did. What is soon that we the media, and we the public wouldn't process these events differently now, I think that we still see a great rush to judgment. I think that we can see somebody's life. Sort of torn apart by a tweet that runs wild for a couple of hours. I think that even though we're finally talking about all of these issues. There are so many victims of domestic violence and sexual violence that continued to suffer that far outweighs, unfortunately, any progress that we've made and so people can read into the ending, you know, however, they like, but I think that it should be a challenge to us all to make sure we do better and to try and bring empathy forward as the thing we used to appraise the situation the ending of the of the series is a phone number for the national domestic violence hotline. That was something that was important to us. Something is important to lorraina. That is the way lorraina has gotten the last word, we are making it very clear. That's what this is about. This is the victims. Thank you, so much pleasure. Joshua. Rowe Fe directed lorraina. Available now on Amazon prime I spoke with. Lorraina who goes now by Lorena Gallo about how she's worked to take control of her own story, and redirect the media attention onto a national epidemic at first it was very difficult. But since I've been an advocate against domestic violence listening to the stories of survivors, the victims who are trying to leave. But they're not there yet that give me strength that give me more courage to tell my story to do this documentary. Basically, my story I share it with a lot of people within my community because go to the shelters and volunteer in as an advocate. I know I have a voice and my goal is to reach out to the victim and survivor, Stu because you know, survivors, go through post traumatic stress disorders as well. It really ignite fire me on telling in retail my story because there is hope in there is help after you were acquitted of malicious wounding you didn't want to go to the hospital as the law required. But in the end, you're glad you did. Yes. I was confused. I didn't know where they were taking me when I heard that I was acquitted by temporary insanity. I want to go home they failed that John should have been there. You know, he was an abuser. He needed to be treated, but it did help you. I don't know I've helped me so much because they were questioning me. I just finished incredibly, you know, emotionally and dramatic interpretation which was the trial do trials actually his trial in my trial my own, and then I was questioning again, and again, and again, and it seems like it didn't stop. But in terms of being quiet and taking care of my own self. It was the start of of the healing process. Yeah. So this we follow your path, you see people who you relied on his friends taking advantage of you. You realize that your parents weren't really in a position to help and became another responsibility. When they came to America the pressures didn't cease, obviously after you left the hospital was there a moment when you just said enough, this is my life, and I will choose to tell it when I choose and how I choose from the moment, I felt that I wasn't alone. I felt security in going to shelters and sharing the stories. So the more I talk the more. I wanted the whole world to actually know what happened. And I started telling the story, but it wasn't enough. My whole story when it first came out twenty five years ago, it reach out so wrongly I felt like the media failed me the Justice system failed me, I failed the uh society film me, and I know that he find gonna tell my story again and feel justified even if I go to comedians show, I didn't mind jokes anymore. Asahi's? I shine the light on domestic abuse and make an awareness against domestic violence. Then my mission is a noble mission. And you know, basically, I grew stronger and stronger, and it made me the person that I am today. And I didn't let that or anybody or even John define who I am.

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