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This is comic bobby kelly yeah did i say oh yeah you're right we appreciate that guy bob do some comedy hey have a kid it's hard being a parent so yeah mass away so bobby's we're going to phoenix to fees coming in wednesday oh okay these guys i wish i had name phoenix kelly have to stay in shape though well yeah your competence fat phoenix kelly weekend that'd be that's your name kelly yeah but that would stink no that's good now you know give it up for phoenix molly and then i come out i'm just me like this now that's terrible my my name is fighting name would not be cool they would never go forward what does it i don't want to say about please little jimmy tenderness it'd be very deceiving if you use came out and bit people's angles little little jimmy tender nips very tender nips why i like him brush lightly i don't i don't like my nips touched at all i like them brush lightly the way the way picture car wash just gently thing with the suds the mop the mafia that's how i like them i don't like by nibbles touched it all does nothing for me my nipples a dead i wish it didn't my nipples are dead like the fourth breast implant on a middle aged woman they just dead nipples yeah it does a lot for me i really did that right now i love it.

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