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Because you know, that's one of the most competitive fights that could be made in the welterweight division outside of Spence. Crawford spent Sturman Thurman Crawford like it's it's one of the most competitive fights in in. Yeah. Definitely it's the best. Fighter that either Crawford Spence his fought at the welterweight division. So it's a shame in it really is. I will say those speaking on the Frank Warren stuff that, you know, go back to whether or not fury deserve sixty forty in. It doesn't matter. Whether he deserves it or not it really doesn't. Because when you talk about the fact that he could got in AJ fight like that proves the clout that was there he could easily accepted, it you're gonna I mean, I don't think the man was necessarily looking for anything, but the money so to say now that it's not fifty fifty. I don't know. I don't know what's going on. I went back to the whole respecting. And so I think it still boils down to that. So few people talking about that. I think it's still by respect. I'm back. I'm back. I'm back. Sorry, guys. I had to cut away, man. Trying to get some of that coverage on that future. I got you. I'm excited with sunny man, because it's like he called himself, the the real rocky. You know, he's from philadel-. He had a good interview on here. Yeah. Well, I mean I interviewed him again yesterday. So. Yeah. You know? And I got to see him in person. He's big he's only fifteen but he's talking about getting to twenty five. But again, while you know, when I met him he was to fifteen to twenty five and then he just didn't get his lowest to nine. So interested interested interested to see what is up with top rank, and this heavyweight I know they're gonna take care of them too. Right. Because it's like it's Todd haulier top rang. So. I dunno excited excited any so close. He's right there in Philly, man. So I'm down. Let's keep these lines moving. Sorry about that. Ladies in gem Ceuta, we got touch potential talk to me..

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