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No i don't see it. I really don't this team right now as it is no. I think they need to work on the game. Maybe if it's low scoring and he can break one he can hit something. What i what. I really wanna see. And this is what really killed the steelers against buffalo. How many times. Ben rothlisberger have nause harris open in the flats and just flat out missing. I think three complete yes on. That's where he made his yards in the preseason. That's where he's going to be a deadly as when he slips out there and now he doesn't have to worry about the fact that our offensive line doesn't know what they're doing now he doesn't have to worry about the defensive line. You can outrun the linebackers. He can truck a cornerback. He can do people. You'll get that man in the open field used going to he's going to collect some ankles he's gonna take somebody's and he is going to get some yards events. Just like eight hundred eighty. Are you seventy eight feet tall. No are you can you. Can you chase klay pool. This if not like wide. Open six yards from ben rothlisberger. No one in between embezzling throwing it way over your head. You see najji like jumping with one hand. Just tipping the ball trying to tip it to himself. So he's a chance to do so. It's terrible if they get that sorted out does you. Harris could have a big game. But i don't see seventy five rushing yards yet not with. That was the way. This offensive line is planned. I can't have a prediction for this game. And tell me if i'm crazy but you probably will but here we go So banner office burgers three touchdown passes away from four hundred on his career. He'd be the eighth person to do so in nfl history. We all know watching these steeler games. When someone's close to record coach tomlin. Ken likes to push the envelope so they can do it. This is the first time user playing at home in front of a full house since what twenty nineteen do you think the steelers try to push this A little bit more game plan wise. Were ben rothlisberger of the feature in this game to try to have this kind of nice story in front of the fans where he can have. These three touchdown passes get to four hundred. B this nice little story in the back of my mind. I feel like that's how it kinda plays out. Am i crazy aside from the usual reasons or is this something that is definitely a possibility. Gonna go with you being crazy michael of the way ben played in week one like i know you like the story line but look the quarterback play. We had in week one. And tell me you're gonna be like you know what we should do and week two is just have been throw it all the time lake. That's that's not how you wanna go this. Like if he's if he's starting often he's a little rough still like you're talking. We're down points off defensive turnover. We don't want that. We don't want that. So i think you're gonna see again. You're gonna see. Matt can't do a lot of motion. You're gonna see a lot of runs. You're gonna see a lot of the same setup you saw in buffalo. Because that's what they really need to get going for this offense to thrive it's way too early in the season and this isn't the game to start abandoning the formula. Just say well then. Hopefully you have it. Hopefully we can just win with you throwing it so you think ben. Rothlisberger is completely washed. Are these what people were saying. Were true or i. Are we going to be kind of Wishing that he wasn't the guy this year but by year's end the what's the. What's the vibe right now. I don't think that at all. I think we saw ben start to settle down. I i honestly. I honestly think fans stadium the whole atmosphere. Ben's always been a very you know rollercoaster type of quarterback. He's always been a guy who's who's in the moment you know when he travels far in front of hostile crowd. He doesn't play as well. Okay all that kind of stuff. I think you saw to me. Especially the fact. He was overthrowing everything early and he was just strong like he was pushing balls too far if he's leading someone that was leading him too far. I think you're seeing a little bit of adrenaline there. I think you're seeing a little bit too much excitement. So i think he will settle it down. I think you'll be fine But i also think it's gonna take a little bit of time for him to get going for him to hit bid season form and personally part of it is. I'm hoping that's the case. This team needs ben rothlisberger to be in midseason form late in the season. He's not gonna he's he's in my opinion he's old enough. He's not going to be a guy that can carry a team for seventeen games. He's not to be that got the longer we can go. And just kinda ease him in again going. you know. that's fine by me. We want we want really want these guys for the playoffs benghazi. We want them role in the offensive line. We want them gelatin going. We went klay pu going. We want all that end of the season into the playoffs. And what we saw in buffalo was heartening because you saw a team win when we didn't have that and if we can pull off enough wins to just make it to the playoffs and have those guys going. That'd be great. That'd be the best that would be beautiful We have talked to spend a little bit of time. The offensive side of the ball. But we really should talk about this. Pittsburgh steelers defense because holy smokes. That was an unbelievable performance against the buffalo bills. Quarter from kickoff to final whistle. That was dominance straight up against one of the best offense in the nfl. That was a beautiful performance before we get into this game itself when speaking about this defense talent wise have they proved to you that this could could be as talented. The defense is one that we saw say going back to two thousand eight. I would put on that level i would. I would not on that level there. They've got some guys you know they've got the the cam hayward they've got the t. J. watt melvin ingram. Looks like a fine highsmith. He's gonna get his but he is the first game..

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