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I I, it's it's a huge moment and definitely a huge moment forward and it's all kind of, you know, when WWE does something, they do something it just snowballs and become something huge before you even know it. I can't imagine the pressure that Renee young was under. I can't imagine the pressure of going from warning how to be a commentator because as I said, it's a, it's an entirely different skill set. Rene is better than anybody who has anchored to kick off show table for WWE ever. Rene is perfect at hosting. Those poll shows the way she what she did talking smack in the way she's done with me. Then Peter Rosenberg and you know whoever else is done shows with her perfect at those shows commentaries and entirely different skill set. She had to learn that skill set so that she could do the may young classic which the first part of it was taped this or last week. Then take that skill set and now you're going to be on raw. Clearly. I think Renee young is going to have a place at volition, the all women's pay per view. Again, just a theory haven't talked to her at all about it. You know, I decided not to talk to her about any of it until we do it publicly at two two hundred show at Caroline's on Broadway. But in my opinion, you know, they've already said that the finals of the may young classic will take place at Evelyn at first I thought, oh, well, maybe they'll let Rene d'you commentary for that match. Now, I believe in young, we'll do the entire evolution pay per view. That's my theory, you know, and people were talking about making our permanent part on raw. This is a, this was a week. I believe that would have normally gone to. You know, there've been a few weeks coach has not been able to work, and so Booker t. takes over for him. This was one of those weeks that somebody like Booker t. would have stepped in and they decided to place Renee in. So I believe coach will be back next week and I think will be business as usual. You know, I don't think it'd be now during do anything to it. You know, coaches a professional, but I do think that this will certainly open Rene up more to. More commentary positions in WWE. Maybe this means that Corey graves doesn't end up on both shows. Maybe Rene takes Corey graves spot on smackdown and Corey graves stays on raw or vice versa. You know, maybe Byron Saxton gets moved somewhere and Rene goes to smackdown maybe. Graves gets moved to smackdown exclusively in its coach, Cole and Rene who knows how it could work out. I don't think anything will happen immediately. But I think it will happen. I think I think we're a young. We'll find herself a spot pretty permanently at that broadcast table and she should. You know, it's one of those things where you watch Rene, do interviews on smackdown and raw backstage, and you almost feel like she graduated from it. You know not to take anything trust me. I would love that gig, but I think it was after after seeing her on talking smack every week. People started to develop a taste for Renee in one form. They wanted to hear her take on things. You know, I think that's maybe not even long form. I think maybe that's what it was that after talking smack was such a success with fans, we all want it. We were interested in Rene opinion in her take on things, and that's not something that gets that comes across when you're doing the interviews backstage because that's not what those interviews were designed to do. So I think that's why there's such a positive response to her on commentary. And I think they'll be continue to be a positive response to her commentary and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I think it super, super great. Speaking of. Great. Let's move on to story number three. And this was one that would probably have been a bonus show, but I tweeted about it earlier or. Yeah, I think either earlier this week. Yeah. Earlier this week. Ring of honor and new Japan combined forces to sell out Madison Square Garden, big, big announcement, ring of honor and new Japan sold out Madison Square Garden for next year's wrestlemainia weekend. That is huge. Of course they'll be running opposite..

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