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Access for the hands that built and shared and road and thought the bodies the burden work and strained to keep going the feat that walked ran jumped unbalanced the mines that dream than desired the haaretz that loved access also for all that's happening now and all that is still to come access for the women in homes and offices and feels in labs and classrooms who invent and transformed and build and create x is for all we don't know about the pass but x is also for the future ex marks the spot where we stand today what will you do to make the world radd pulled are fairly all into as the subject while the solder sunday right on let's talk about that i didn't realize that i just thought it was a thing was out there you sort of when you guys jumping on that and i'm looking at all day every day i and others on death with some with some friends and solidarity sunday's is a now nationwide network of feminist antiracist activist groups that are all over the country and we meet on the second sunday of every month in a mostly in homes but now people are starting to meet in like coffeeshops in all kinds of interesting places and we take political action on we were we started about a year and a half ago i started with my good friend lesley ann downey and we wanted to bring people together in person to take action kind of like.

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