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Every wes anderson we've talked about before on here every wes anderson movie is like fifteen dudes and one lady that's not true come on name me the one with all the moms how many ladies to to how many guys seventeen his new movie is all dogs all dogs bitches well i don't know i just feel like i get bored easily oh we also saw that no movie what we were like why can't will the whole family was just like having a party there was one family in a row we we sat and looked at it we're like why does this look so bad and then we realize it's three d we didn't have the glass that's a great excuse to leave that movie because unwatchable what was the one you enjoyed the most out of all those game night black panther we walked it was immediately funny moment cooking jason bateman is just he's just like god it yeah he just like do comedy i saw him in that show ozar doing drama loved it i liked this more than breaking bad but it's hard not to compare that to how would i know what your favorite part of our movies was i wanna hold off on that we're billboard that a little bit later tune into the third shot then you'll get best part of our whole trip all right we're down one to number three number three whack panther what we saw this i was proud we made it to the one third mark we could go back another couple of times but it looked beautiful.

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