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The last podcast guys still fucker but i would love to have my team i think no person has benefited from other people having way better talented him than sergio romo on real madrid yeah do you agree because when he's had ronaldo's cruises motorists in front of him who are like arguably do you see what i'm trying to say repeat the no one has benefited more from having more talented players on his team than sergio ramos it was harder to show his talent because he's a centreback but i it's it's a it's a weird thing i'm saying but you it's kinda draymond green green has benefited because he probably wouldn't be that gray on any other team but because he surrounded by klay thompson kevin durant steph curry that essentially like he has benefited the most out of his sleigh coal team in them winning championships i would absolutely agree with that but i want to put a fucking low low asterik by that that team that golden state team steph klay k d shaun livingston etcetera iggy iggy the may man he also hates being called by the way found that there you go and then you have ron a cruise mal george belsky asensio you have all these great players and they have the glue they have sergio romo they have draymond green and i think if you take those two players way you take sergio away from rao madrid you take drain on from golden state the team's not the same he's what embodies that fighting that fuck you spirit and i just came up with a quick thought like dream on being taken out twenty sixteen finals don't win yeah sergia rama's coming in fucking super crucial and two champions league finals with his headers expert full was yeah the one was an extra time and you know scoring crucial roles in champions league finals like the fire underneath and i think dream on is more more pertinent in this because five person is is a five person team versus eleven person squad i guess and steph katie and clay are all kind of soft spoken they.

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