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I sling with Lisa Jaffe or editors Germany greater in some of the top stories were tracking president trump and some of the leading democratic presidential candidates are targets of the opening statements of the second night of the Detroit debates and in Olympia Democrats selecting Washington's first female speaker of the house Laurie Jenkins of Tacoma makes Washington the eighth state to have a woman in the top spots in the house has the second group of Democrats get ready for their presidential debate tonight president trump is weighing in on last night's first round tweeting that is twenty twenty rivals will lead the country into an economic sinkhole A. B. C.'s Andy field joining us on the company's line the what reasons to the president give for that assessment anti well that's a hard questionnaires are because of the president much about anyone who opposes them and he he has said repeatedly without any substantiation or more sacks to back it up the the the Hillary Clinton won we would be in the great depression right now there is no indication that that's the case the economy is doing demonstrably better at least when it comes to the stock market in large part because of the president's giant corporate tax cut that corporation used to buy back their stock and probably stock price that the attacks could study after study including many non partisan government studies show that the vast majority of it went to corporations very little of it went to the middle class and in most cases most Americans didn't see any change at all the boys he unhappy with the toucher Jerome Powell today well Powell did what he wanted to do we cut the federal reserve rate down a quarter percent but he refused to promise that he would keep doing that they have you know a lot of people forget that the federal reserve is out there to serve the president it's not there to serve the stock market it is rare to act as a shock absorber to the economy if things heat up it cools down the economy by raising interest rates and if things get too slow it will then cut interest rates now my actually cutting interest rates as time it's almost to the mission with the economy is not doing quite as well the president says it is and any one more thing quickly and the Senate today was dealing with automatic train braking system and this is something that could have possibly saved lives here in Washington state Maria Cantwell the senator got up and made that point today at the hearing that the federal railroad administration administrator spoke about what's extraordinary here is that the NTSB one of the some place in twenty fifteen it's now almost twenty twenty and even the railroad administration admits it only about eighty six eighty seven percent of the lines are working with automatic train control and basically this is coming to an automatic braking system you see on some of the newer newer cars using GPS radio signals positions of other trains to make sure you don't run into another trying to run off the real road and it needs work very effectively but it's very expensive to put in so expensive in Amtrak has been able to exam fourteen thousand miles of track from having to put this in place no infractions soccer on trains if they can't get it in time but the bottom line is there could be a lot of lives saved this is in there and we're still a year and a half away from many real world even getting those that's right ABC's Andy field thank you so much and the capital one's data breach top of mind for a lot of people but then even bigger hackers being settled a B. C.'s Derry all being or talking to an expert about the options offered as part of Equifax's class action settlement apple faxes settling the class action.

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