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Love Pete Rose hit king Pete Rose. Yeah. Listen Walsh on k every night, Monday through Friday, seven o'clock until ten o'clock had Walsh. Did the guy didn't know sports? Right. Pete rouse officially opening snowboarding spring training today. Love really. Yeah. Man, very excited about that. And so he's he's kind of gained a little bit of stature back. He's gotten a bit of his reputation back after all these years by simply staying out of the limelight. Well, I mean, he's idolized by many people mad at him. But he'll always be the hit king. Hey, steve. I'm so sorry for the wait. Oh, I don't mind. I look out boys. They've got a licensed to fly that county pulled over. Yeah. Man. Hot rod Lincoln, marry me. Yeah. But I wanna make a comment on the girl who wants to be an eagle scout. Okay. Senator. Tom teddy was installed because degeneracy the documentary with the movie running down a dream. No. Oh, okay. They actually call it a film by Peter Bogdanovich, the history of Tom petty and the Heartbreakers and in the film, there's a part where Stevie nicks says to tell him that she wants to leave Fleetwood MAC and joined the Heartbreakers, and Tom simply says there aren't any boys. I would like to represent the boy scouts. I wanna be legal scout. But there aren't any boys or girls in the boy scouts, right? So you're telling me, and I don't know how I could have possibly miss this. But your, but so there's a documentary about Tom petty and the Heartbreakers call running down a dream. Yeah. It's a box set for actually three DVD's and a fourth disc at a concert at this and audio audio CD..

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