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Inspires a funny enough during the commercial break during the ten minutes that I took off during the commercial break to stretch and rest my voice too. That's another thing I got to do more of. My buddy Ryan Thompson, who's the incredibly good photographer. I should say one of the incredibly good photographers down at Gulfstream park. And in racing in general, we have some really wonderful track photographers at a lot of the tracks and I let Ryan just seems to, for me, he captures the sport a little differently than everybody else. And he goes for some cool angles and he has he took a photo and I just retweeted it of the overhead camera that he puts in for the start and it happened to be right above simplifications gate and you know I know that a photograph can make distance and layers and stuff look a little different, but it certainly noticeable that at least those first couple jumps, like he's already a length behind, like his high end is not even out of the gate yet. So kind of interesting. And mode on a go, you kind of see that he's a shade behind the one and the three, as they leave. Really cool shots. We got some awesome photogs in this wonderful world of horse racing. So anyways, we can recap special. This is special, by the way. I was talking about this. The Swedish chain, let's go through this Gulfstream card kind of quick because I do want to get to the withers what was an interesting race and aqueduct there. Three year old Phillies in the Swedish chant, it was openly who came from off the pace. They went and set a pretty honest clip. You had to long shot my favorite daughter. And this happens in these turf routes, right? Sometimes you just get the odd long shadow once in a while their favorite, but it seems like they're often a long shot. Go out and open up and kind of run this wasn't an insane pace. It was just quick. And I couldn't quite maintain it, but I don't believe in Louisiana. Louis had a big day too on Saturday coming from off the pace to win that one. The forward gal always one of my favorite early three year old Philly preps, just always seems like there's been a lot of good runners in here over the years. Well, as Brad Cox with a girl with a dream now, radio days was bent down a pretty heavy favoritism in this spot and came away last little ways behind and you know that's kind of her style, but the way the race shaped up girl with a dream just kind of went to the front and was, you know, just clicking off pretty, pretty easily. Now radio days did make up ground and did finish way ahead of everybody else. And was inching closer to girl with a dream. You know, whether or not radio days wants to go longer because I think there's a, especially amongst beginning handicappers, I think you learn this as you watch more races, but it's a real easy thing to confuse. I'll never forget the horse that taught me this lesson, a horse named siriano at emerald downs. Go look up siriano from 2004. She won a stake going 6 and a half and she rallied from off the pace. Now I know a lot, a lot of our more experienced listeners are gonna, you know, they already know this. But I know a lot of our listeners are new too. So I do want to once in a while I'll talk about this stuff. But siriano comes and she just from way out rolls by them all and wins. And the next race in that series stretched out to a mile and I remember betting siriano because she was just going to mow him down again and didn't quite have that same kick and didn't get there and I think it's for a lot of new players. You know, they think like, oh, more ground equals, you know, more chance to make up ground. What a really equals is more chance for the leaders not to go as fast. More chance or you have to close into a slower pace, and you have to make your move while you've already expanded more energy because you've just ran further. You're trying to make that same move 5 for longs into a race instead of in the sprint race where you made it three for longs into the race and you know obviously their exceptions to it, sure. Absolutely. But yeah, I think that's a good little reminder thing to have. You know, radio days just because she was closing in nicely and has done so so far. You know, this was this was her, you know, she was kind of at the same time for a long time. She was last time and she blew their doors off, but this was against better. And I was trying to chase a loose on the lead horse was coming off a nice steaks win last time out and it had a little bit of an experience edge too, frankly. I mean, girl with a dream has, you know, that was career start number 6 and she's now four for 6. And you got 5 to one. God, the hammered radio days in that race. That was crazy. Grand sonata victorious in the kitten's joy stakes around from off the pace made a real kind of late move between horses on kind of an exciting finish getting up over royal spirit and a Paco Lopez in the kitten's joy. The cleburne farm swale. I think chuck Simon called it the AI used to be on The Kentucky Derby trail stakes. I thought that was pretty funny. You know, for horses that just aren't, you know, they're going to the 7 furlongs is probably better and more part of their world than going on my own a 16th. But my prankster Louis science coming from off the pace. Looping up wide and blowing by him to win as the favorite day of Saturday at Gulfstream park, the holy bull card in the books. Let's go over to aqueduct where, you know, the track has been funny there. And I said recently, I have not been able to watch a ton of aqueduct because during the race, we obviously run a lot of the same days as them, and then during the race as a Tampa, we often run pretty opposite of Gulfstream and so that's the one that I have time to really watch. And you know, this time of year Gulf Stream is running a lot of very good races, but it seemed as though aqueduct was there was a huge huge rail bias couple weeks ago and then there was a the exact opposite. I think in the last week or early this week and you almost couldn't win down on the rail. And that was kind of carrying into Saturday a little bit as you got to the wither stakes, which was, you know, big full field of 11 going to mile an 8th and as I said Friday, like this is I didn't love the Jerome that was kind of the race that I was against of sorts. I just didn't think it was a great prep. But what were some of the other alternatives? Well, according to the better, is the alternatives were early voting who was bet all the way down to 6 to 5 favoritism coming off of a very good day when in her last start or his last start rather. And did it up on the front end going a mile at aqueduct and now obviously stretching out a little bit to my own, a big ask, but the horse took a ton of money. Let's take a listen back to John and brielle's call of the withers..

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