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You know, said dogging most of us didn't have a family either. The cat looked up sniffling what really? Really? How did you get one? Don King looked out at the alley full of dogs all different, but altogether. Well, we all learned that you really get to families the one you're born with sure, but also the one you choose or in this case the one that uses you the cat looked up blinking. What do you mean? Don king. Art, sobbed pickles. Sweet cat. I told you all along she needed help. Par par skinny thing and dinner, Don King wagged, his tail. Oh about it. Do you want to go meet with us? Oh, what's your name? Anyway. I I never had one. That won't do can have friends and family without a name. Sorry. But that's a dog law. He looked around at the stolen food in the grill. How about cranberry? I love it. The cat said cranberry. It feels it feels good. It's. Said pickles it fits you like fleas cranberry. Walk with me. I need to apologize for beating you up earlier and that fight I don't know my own strength, sometimes high come from a long line of fighters. My great aunt Norman was so strong. Cranberry hop down next to pickles and the dogs all cheered. Sure. She was a cat but in dog kings alley you took care of each other, especially when someone was hungry, and especially when there was so much thanksgiving food to share. All right. Everyone dog king said, let's go wheat. The cheer was even louder this time and cranberry joined in with the rest, and so with one cat one friend extra barking and howling and rolling and wiggling the dogs headed back home towards their feast dog king as always leading the way. Dogging these the king of the dog. These the king of the dogs dogging king of the dog dog. He's a king of his mother dog. He's father was the king. Now, he's king of the dogs. His bite is worse than his bark dogging because he bites like a shark dog meeting. You know, he's ruling the streets dogging he won't roll over for treats his mother on his was a king. So now, he's dog king of the gods. Today's story a dog king. Thanksgiving was an original story written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you buy me, Amanda Weldon with a theme song bias both.

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