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In the wake of the red six to five loss on a walk off two run home run by Kevin Newman the red six to five loss to the pirates at PNC park in Pittsburgh what is it about Pittsburgh and the Cincinnati Reds. let's just hope the bangles fare better on Monday Night Football at Heinz field in Pittsburgh. just a burial ground the Monongahela the Allegheny and the Ohio rivers three rivers that intersection. Jeff Brantley talked about. Tommy thrall and Jeff driving through the fort Pitt tunnel at night I've done it numerous times in like Jeff said an explosion of beauty is soon as you come out of the fort Pitt tunnel the Golden Triangle the different colored lights the panoramic view it's absolutely beautiful. but then when the Reds play at PNC park when eight this season on the cost of the first victory tonight it gets ripped away on a walk off two run home run given up by rice Selig laziest his six blown save of the year it is now three and twelve. let's go out to the phones on the acute hearing centers dot com listener line bill in date is been waiting hi bill thanks for holding. project manager has an affinity for only got after it's got the momentum going. issue to do the right thing and he makes a switch we wind up like we did tonight it's frustrating there is. frustrating well and. Lorenzen went to perfect innings and then it's set up for we know rise cell normally pitches better when it's a safe situation and. you heard Jeff Brantley say the scouting report he said a tongue in cheek about Kevin Newman he likes the ball up in in where did Iglesias throw it up in in an off speed pitches he deposited it over the left field wall wow I can't happen yeah the card yes yeah I call them the rabbit in the race the rich race out to a lead they got it the Ford and nothing in the fifth. one of Phillip Ervin he plated Alex plan do you know when Jose Peraza with that short single up the middle in the fit to make it for nothing if the strike for two in the first always taken an early lead in the dying at the finish line. on a beautiful city to visit I've been there when are we lived up in Cleveland that would rival will watch him play the Reds yes the. only dabbled I'd. Hey thanks so much for the call bill in Dayton appreciate it. Steve is in price sale Steve my stomping grounds what's going on. check out are you but I'm hanging in there brother good man I did I just share my frustration I did you know I'm sitting here watching the game and and and you know we need they got a runner at third base and we got to al and understood near thinking myself like you know what just don't give anything to hit yeah or keep the ball in the yard I was expecting a you know what our single to tie this thing and we're going to do next rantings. are you making swing a thought that what why did you give up you can head out of the yard. I know I don't understand I mean I'm a long time red and I am a Die Hard red. yesterday through the whole Marty Brennaman pain because you know I'm fifty six years old and I've been looking the Marty St I was there the young man and tonight it broke my heart with with that with that management or was that just why they'll glaze yes or what's your opinion on that well what what more could David bell of John I mean he's got. eight three diesel funny out there trying to get his tenth win okay but then when he gave up back to back singles distort the six you know after the three run Homer by Newman you know you don't expect him to our you know swing at three you know but he was given the green light and home run but well but well yeah when the first to reach Kevin Kramer and Jacob stalling the sixth gal disco yes done check I'm one of those guys that even though I know the red blues I turned on the replay after I get off work and I yeah a lot even though I know that a lot yeah I'm not a Die Hard even though I know they're gonna lose I still watch the game because I've worked all day didn't get to see it. Steve you know we broadcast W. O. W. rebroadcast Marty's last game not driving that night I listen to the last five innings you know of the game on Thursday and then listen to the first you know for driving home from where I was at so it and I'm just praying for different you a different outcome but you're right you know the outcome if you watch anyway that that's that's being a real real fan there have always been a Die Hard fan ever since you know and I. because of my age the nineteen ninety World Series was won obviously my best year I was only twelve years old when they won the World Series seventy five but you know it I am a Die Hard red band and then just the watch. near thinking to myself okay don't give him anything to head. and he did and it was a home run to lose the game it just broke my heart absolutely and your second. gosh anything but keep the ball in the yard I'm thinking maybe a walk guy on third wild pitch basic it all in and a home run unbelievable yes Sir you got that right is wasn't this just how how often it we said it's a microcosm of the season it's like every game every game yes all awesome. Stephen lysyl brother man I love it that's where I grew up man all right eight thank you so much all right awesome. there's Brandon Allen David Jack and we're gonna get to everybody all we're gonna take a break right now bill se Dennison is going to come in with some high school football scores but Dan we are going to revisit this six dot five heart wrenching heartbreaking loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. man the torch has passed for Marty Brennaman to Tommy thrall and you're hoping that the first game out of the chute with Tommy thrall as the full blown full time voice of the room the new voice of the Reds would get a victory but no. unbelievable Reds lose sixty five.

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