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For Rick potato. So. I fight every year to try to get their head coaching job. He just hasn't had his opportunity, and that's other people's loss. And it's our game. Appreciate that. You know, what you've been looking for games where you know, you you you like to run the ball left to right and make sure everybody's involved in office. But you've always talked about there's going to be games. You're gonna have to ride. No doubt, especially he goes ahead and get fouled. He was so tired. He had to wide open threes and couldn't make Jaren understands basketball. Like, I've said, you know, he's he's evolved news playing with his mind now. Yes, that's the difference slows down. Drew? Thanks point. Well, guys, it's not hard not hard to way people playing because not only do they hold him. Then when he goes to shoot, the new thing is to smackers wrist who's went on the other night. But then when I go to say something nobody will answer the phone. So. He's the best score in our league. And you know, that's the stuff that happens to, but he's playing with his mind now, and it's taken into another level as you as you go up in this game. And you try to climb levels. Playing playing the mental part of the game is is very very important. You know, even on your say when you know, you're tired, you probably can't make a shot. It's not go ahead and get a foul Emma, let you get out of here. But before I do what you talk about the defensive presence that Ellie got off the bit. We black socks. Well, I've been talking to him about it, you know, and not so not so kind terms lately. Because that's who he's gotta be. He's not here. Shoot jump shots. Right. You know, he's got to get off his feet get above the ram and make plays. I mean, I keep saying this. You know, you can't you can't you're not gonna be able to flash your Cincinnati badge and win games. I mean, you guys are here. You got a scholarship for a reason? You know, you you're you're you know, I've watched you are recruited. I saw you block thirty shots in five games. And I saw you go block the shot, man. Let's go, you know, your career's on the line here. Come on. I'm on the downside of mine. You need to start playing with emotion. Like, you're chasing yours. You know, I shouldn't have to like that fire. And he's got it any tear. He's got it. So really, obviously Jaren did a great job carrying us offense. But I was I thought trae trays blocks were growth in trade, knowledge, rebounding. We got about the last seven rebounds of the game and they were aggressive rebounds. Fox outs were were pure and the the the the jump and get them bits alert. It's a learning process, man. It's every game as a war, and you've got to go get the ball. I thought they played with your feistiness well down the stretch to me get stops. And you gotta finish the play with the rebound. You know? And it's easy to foul that takes effort to get a stop at a rebound. And you know, but again when you go to conference grind, I remember trying to build the program. Thirteen years ago twelve eleven and I knew until we had a team full of guys that had experience in big east play. You had no chain tough. You had no chance it every Blake will plant, south Florida tonight. They had a really good team one year. If you remember the last time, they beat us down there. The head of kid Anderson transferred from Kansas state, and they had the Gusta skill crest. They were big tough. They had experienced and they had a really made the NCAA tournament. We went to the Sweet Sixteen. They got a couple of bad whistles. They go. They won their first game Ohio you in Nashville as well. Then they were just you know, you gotta get so now's trae Ellie those keys, though, they're gaining experience of how hard you have to compete every night. That's right now, you can't just flashy. Cincinnati badge. But appreciate the crowd for coming out. A home crowd is huge. Thanks, go. All right. Thank you. Coach final score eighty to seventy four in favor of Cincinnati. We'll take a timeout are post game. Coverage will continue in just.

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