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The back, back, back form. And I don't think he'd be showing up in here if he wasn't doing really well going the right way. So possible. Well, I think it's Mission Impossible. See what I did there, Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible. See what I did there? That was very good. I don't see it. You know, when he won it, he won that race last year. He had basically the lead to himself that he's going to have pressed today because he got the likes of Marx, Marquez gets spoken out there. He'll go in there and this horse is going to have to do a lot more work if he's going to pull it off again. And I last year when he won it was a course was wet. And he gets maybe he's not as good on the ground and he's, you know, he's gotten beaten pretty good in his last two, so he'd have to have a complete turnaround to get this done and I don't see it. I'm sorry, but 7 year old town cruise, I think, is risky business in this race. But Mike, come up with these little thing, one liners. That's pretty good. That's pretty strong, Tim wilkin. All right, one more topic here for right or wrong. Saratoga del mar colonial downs and Kentucky downs all produced record meets this year. The first few days of the keenland September yearling sale also shattered records as did Saratoga with phasic tipton a few weeks back. With all of this positivity, it's time for racing naysayers to just shut it. Okay. Dale? It's been a long time coming

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