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A throat punch speech. I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa let you go first this week and last week you threw out a throat punch to John Henry. The owner of the Boston Red Sox. I'm still not happy. No emotional it was well received because you are a die hard Boston. Ritz sox fan or were. I don't know where you stand on that just yet. I haven't completely. I'm inching towards the end of the bandwagon but I'm not going there. Yeah so so. I'm wondering if all of this speculation and Now just open discussion on the possibility of a playoff format. Change and Major League. Baseball is grounds for yet another throat punch from you. Are you going in a different direction? I'm going to go in a different direction. I think the picking your own opponent for the play. Offs is absurd absurd. That's not even my throat punch. That is how goofy is that. It's it's just ridiculous it's I don't know that it seems like it and by the way the The the training camps are opening spring training. And so all the Houston. Astros are apologizing further thing but none of them got suspended for the cheating thing and yeah. It's a it's a how sorry I just thought of this. The Blue Jays pitcher dude who was in a parking lot with a smartphone watching videos. Maybe there was a hand towel. Maybe there was some lotion. Well like you said he goes. I probably should have been more aware. I read this article ship and more aware of his surroundings. I got an idea. You got a hotel room pal. Like I don't even get into that nine but I'm trading dude. I don't know how good bad or otherwise. He is from a baseball perspective. I don't I don't pay that close attention. But just based on public relations public relations. That was that was bad. That all right all right if anyone my throat punch as we talked about the The plane and reclining seats. And all that right so I'm reading through the mentions because I am entertained. At how like angry people are whether somebody reclines their seat. Two inches or not and so they're all over the map and then I see this one this guy at me on twitter and tells me to f. off like that's all it says asking to go well. Fu at Rafer. Aw So I look at the guys Avatar. And I'm reading his thing. He's BEEN MARRIED FORTY YEARS. He's like he's clearly in his sixties. Yeah and so. I sent him a direct message. Unlike F me are you kidding me like seriously like we and so anyways we he apologized. But I'm giving him a throat punch like who tells somebody that you don't know to f. off like who'd I know? Don't you know the social media? Oh Yeah it's different than people. Feel empowered empowered. Don't be jackass like he doesn't know anything about me. Well all it I said is I can't stand when people behind me use my seat as a handle right to get up use the armrest and then in the next tweet because of course you only got so much room. I said elderly people not a problem. Use the back of the seat all you want. You gotta get up. You gotTa Guess Right but this guy just went full so he gets throat punch and then so as soon as you follow the direct message. Then you quickly follow right. As soon as you're you've sent the he followed me. Oh he followed you. Obviously I thought you said because he added you that he was no. I just went through and I looked at it and I'm like why are we reading all the responses because yes topic entertains me. Well see but that that's social media usage at its best. You're developing your developing. Kind of a a savvy part of this now because a look to fund police at Tsn called me a couple of weeks ago. Because of some reply where I got into some knucklehead on twitter first time ever by the way that somebody from. Tsn Is called me to say like don't do that. Don't do that and I wasn't even rude to this. Putz I guess. That's Kinda backed out anyway. I should've now in. I actually did send a couple of direct messages to the person who was was pissing me off and another lesson to be learned by the way is then. He used the direct and went public. With offside or any of that. I was dating my case as to why he was annoying. Me So there you go. I'll social media now I know can't live with it. Can't live without it. My Throat Punch is kind of widespread rain and I feel like you're going to share it. The varying forms of media mainstream to some degree certainly social media. Who felt compelled to show Jay bouwmeester collapse over and over and over again on Tuesday night You know some mainstream people. Don't even I'm not being critical of everyone in this process because sometimes you just get replied to to video that you see any offer heartfelt thoughts right and that happened probably more often than not in response to what unfolded between the Saint Louis. Blues and the Anaheim ducks on Tuesday night but it was the aftermath that bothered me more and some of the network coverage that continually showed the collapse. Do we really need to see it again? And again and again. Both utter respect to Jay Minister his family to Alex. Better Angelo. The Saint Louis Blues. Who were clearly reacting to a life and death situation I just. Maybe it's too broad of a topic for me to throw for me. Everybody involved gets the throat punching. Yeah I'm involved or I I hear you on this like I don't know something terrible happens and people start you know like it gets out onto social media and then it's just like it's pervasive. It's everywhere I don't know I. I don't WanNa hear the audio of the helicopter pilot of Kobe. Bryant's helicopter good point. Like I just I have no. I don't know why even why People WanNa know that like. Why do you man? It's it's terrible stuff like let the people be and so I hear you. Yeah it's TMZ reaction though right because you know even when when tmz broke the news that it was believed Kobe. Bryant was killed in that crash I think automatically wasn't that our reaction on we need confirmation of this like where we're not believing Kobe. Bryant is gone based on a TMZ report right and then everybody fuels picks up and then off it goes. Now we've got aspirin drugs coming up An interesting question that we need to hit on any comes up normally this time of year as we creep closer to the end of the regular season going into the playoffs Clearly there's a norris trophy recognize the NHL top defenseman. You ought to get Chris. Pronger going right start talking to him about the Norris trophy about now because perennially. It's whoever is the top offensive defencemen. That wins the norris. So we've got a question from Oscar coming up in a moment wondering whether or not there isn't a need for another award to recognize the best defensive defenseman so we're gonNA head in that direction shortly. I we're going to win the benches and Any TAMPA BAY. Lightning Fan is probably listening to episode one thousand nine hundred going. Why the hell are these guys? Talk to you about the Tampa Bay lightning and I you mentioned earlier. You know the injuries that They're dealing with with Kucherov Stamkos and Sarah Alley but how good has vassal housekeeping for the Tampa Bay lightning for the last? How many games I mean he. In essence and let's. Let's give credit to the other players who do blame contribute to the success of the lightning but without the the top of the illegal tending from Vassilev. Ski It's hard to imagine. The lightning are where they're at and challenging for top spot in the National Hockey League. Right now I don't know how long ago was maybe six weeks i. I had asked Julian breeze while the GM and Tampa but what what kind of turned their team around you know. They had that store start where they were kind of stumbling around. And you know. He gave a few reasons. They've taken less penalties and made some minor tweaks in the defensive zone. Try TO PROTECT THE POC. A little more and so. It was really very informative about what. Hap has tried to do and John Cooper has has been very open with some of the changes that they've made and somewhere in there. It was of it that and vastly returned to be Right like when the team was stumbling around a bit. You know he was just okay. I think Vassilev Skis among the very best two or three goals in the league. I think the guy is a stud love watching them. Play think he makes as that other people can't make he's the backbone of that team and so once he started rolling he's now on a seventeen Owen to run. He hasn't lost in Nineteen starts. Tampa Bay since the twenty third of the Sambor is twenty two and one has a pretty good run and so I think they're I think they got kicked in the rear end last year hard in their loss to Columbus. I think it took a while for them to to get straightened out. But this is a dangerous dangerous team. I think I think they're set up to be more dangerous this year than they were last year. Speaking dangerous clubs shift to the West and look at the Colorado Avalanche. And you know they've got some stuff going on there now on the injury front as well. Nauseam Qadri for awhile. Lots of speculation around this team as to what Joe sack may or may not do the goaltending stabilized or you good with Gruber. Our are you good with the way they looked there? I don't know I don't know drags like I I feel I'm I'm with you I I. I don't WanNA throw those under the bus but I'm just. I don't know that you can win a Stanley Cup with that tandem. No Pablo Fron. Coups has been a nice backup for them and Philip Group. Our is is you know. He's he's better than a backup. He would be kind of like one of those guys. I guess would be a a one. A or one B guy but so I look I look Collorado now. And they're one point behind Saint Louis and they've got a game in hand in in that division like Ma'am Derek good team. I'm not sure that group hours quite the answer for them. But here's the other thing. Joe Sakic is sitting there with twenty two and a half million dollars in cap space and now they have cadre out. Long-term THEY CAN L. T. I am if they think he's going to be longer than ten games. And that buys the more cap or that gives them even more room that would give them twenty seven ish million dollars in cap space. They can acquire any player or players that they feel like. Maybe that's why Chris Kreider was so easily attachable to Colorado. I think they'd like another defenseman for sure the goalie man. They're going to have to make a decision on that. There's lots of teams have had really good teams and the goaltending. Lets them down. Member Saint Louis around the turn of the century man. Don't we sound old or cy? Sound Old San that the turn of the century but around two thousand you know. They tried to go with Roman ricken goal. They had unreal teams. It just didn't work for them. I think Colorado is really good. I would not.

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