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Ap and if someone doesn't feel comfortable using eap ap being aware of the mental health services that in their direct community Secondly i would offer up that person to recognize to be transparent Sending out a message letting them know that they recognize that their employees staff or faculty may be having a difficult time right now and offer their support in any way that they can whether that's a day off or having someone assistant in terms of their day to day activities Thirdly i would also encourage that specific organization to continue to advocate olive for their employees but what they do provide in terms of services. Thank you on. A personal note are getting closer to home. What is it that you find you specifically find most rewarding in regards to working with people co-occuring disorders. What i find to be the most rewarding is recognizing that is just not about addiction is just not about mental health. It's both and recognizing that they play off of each other more times than we often think we know this typically. You're more likely to see someone having both mental health and substance use and so when you tackle both of those hours. You're getting a double for your trouble in a way of because you're increasing your probability of staying sober and so why not take care of. The mental health concerns that a person may have whether it's a true mental health disorder or just additional stress on that note. I want i probably should have asked this. I but what did you see going forward given everything that's happened in the country and continues to happen. What are you see in terms of demand or the need for substance use services and mental health services not just that hazel and buddy forbidden in the larger community and in the larger country. I know that i was recently watching the news and they talk about this. Mental health pandemic. That's going to occur after cove it or even during and so recognizing that you're gonna get a wave of individuals who are either have not seek treatment during this time because of needing to isolate or quarantine but also recognizing that their caregivers are also gonna need that assistance and so we're -ticipant that there's going to be a wave of individuals who've either never sought treatment before or seeking treatment again because we have people who have returned to us just because of the current stress as being prepared for that and on that note before we close some people will be tuning in might be looking for help they might be looking for a wise word from you or some avenue of opportunity to to take that first step or that first step again. What is the message. You have and closing for people who are struggling whether they're in the workplace or not that it's okay to not be okay and often tell people even therapists neath therapist and that's true today and that'll be true going forward absolutely dr princess..

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