Drew Brees, Atlanta, Kim Jordan discussed on Ross Tucker Football Podcast


Drew brees passed for two hundred thirty nine yards at a touchdown of the saints 23 thirteen win over atlanta and breeze now his over seventy thousand career passing yards right he's got like five or six seasons of thousand and nobody else done it more than one to truly to really really impressive i thought the officiating was questionable in this game i know these any way around that but the saint still controlled the action kim jordan was incredible and falcons you can't expect to win when you get stuffed on the golan and you fumble on the golan that's the thing about the falcons they had their chances in this game but also have their chance on sunday against carolina to at least make the playoffs and here if they don't if seattle loses their stolen so they've got a pretty good chance that make the playoffs especially if they take care of business at home against carolina the chargers needed a win in order to stay in contention for a wildcard spot they beat the jets fourteen to seven wasn't really printed for the chargers it was i mean i thought it on your gates hit that touchdown solid performance but overall was kind of a bad day for the chargers offensively melvin gordon did some positive things the good news for the chargers is that price petty is not good me balau had that awesome run in big day and the charge was still alive in the playoff race.

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