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When when Shanghai was occupied a cupid occupied by the Japanese and the she she fled to South America. I think maybe and then became a model and became like the shit like Jiangxi Balenciaga Oleg Cassini like just obsessed with this woman. There's a super famous picture of her with his big giant bouffant like beehive hairdo, and she's like tapping your cigarette with a giant thing. Just like looking again, this another one that has cheekbones you could you know, slice Alami with. And she was just like exotic and sophisticated and just like perfection and just like strangely. They just very interesting looking. But also very glamorous. And she was yeah. She was one of the first. Non white models to be in like of these magazines in the fifties. And I think it was yes, it was Richard Avedon who met her through Diane relent, one of our patron Saint standard ruined. And he worked for Harper Harper's bazaar for years and years, and he was trying to renegotiate a contract or contract was coming to an end this is alleged this is or anything, but they didn't purpose didn't wanna put her in their magazine because she was white oh said I'm not going to work for you anymore. If you don't put her in this magazine, really. And and she ended up in the magazine this is like in nineteen the late fifties. I think right. So he threw his weight around and got her in the magazine, and she was on covers and it tons of editorials and staff and put your runway shows too. And like there was she was she was in a runway show in somewhere in the states. And there's a whole bunch of buyers from the south, and they didn't buy a single look. She war. Because she was might. And it was like something some famous, of course, like super legit. She was wearing like target or something like. A nice stuff, but they wouldn't they wouldn't buy it because she was wearing it. And it was the sixties or whatever in in the states Corozzo change. She's like, she's like she had a love affair with a with a bullfighter who left her for a gardener, and like the super awesome black life story and Evans Evan swimming. Lipa water just as I b. So both fighter who left her for abour Gardner. Memoir, I feel life. I don't know if she has I would read the shade at for and make some money. Absolutely. So anyway, she was she's just studying gorgeous. And also was my research for this. There was an an issue of vogue Italia in January twenty thirteen where Chinese model face on who's fucking gorgeous Google face on. And she was shot by Steven Meisel to look like Tina Machado, and she had the big this crazy architectural hair and the makeup, and they all these like, we're in Gucci in, you know, Valentino in our money and stuff. So we'll post pictures of this photo shoot. Because it's stunning an perfection, and we'll also put pictures of China 'cause. You just look at her. And all of a sudden it's Thursday to you know, you've been looking at it for four days, and you have no idea what's going on. So that was my choice for somebody old school. Katie. Who do you got on your list? Maybe don't have anybody that old. I well. I don't. But you gotta have got some I got I don't really I modeling is not it's not something you might particularly invest a lot of time. It's a weird thing to think. Did feelings. Yeah. Sure. We just did a casting last week for some editors shootout work, and it's strange talking editorial for like, ecommerce shoots. And it's weird too strange dynamic, skin, tone and shoulder shape. And she's tall. But her, you know, her legs are muscular, so she's not super skinny so we like that. But she and then like the actual the sort of professionalism of it like she can jump into poses really quickly jazz needs under direction, and she showed up on time. And she looks nice. It looks Looks fine. clean portfolio..

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