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So yeah i mean the aide met with random house and i got to meet him which is the best thing ever sold its you grand central ultimately and then yeah ready to make a year and a half so it's interesting because i mean this makes lummer cents now because i didn't realize that you were getting like all of the uh the advice cone submissions in in questions director in bucks because this this book really does read like advice to uh you know there's a hundred different answers are thousand different answers to a bunch of questions that you know some people might not even know that they have end and i i dug ac into like all of your your older reading online everything in in a lot of your writing was very similar to that i have had de immense privilege of getting to now people as they're getting to know them solace at younger ages on you doing that you have to be really cognizant of all the different ways that could go and i don't know i phil share of my own life to ulan that's just like a very basic tenet of respecting huballah so feel very lucky to help i mean you're just like this open seoul where you're you're looking for ways to make everybody happy based in the book use this example of one of your friends who complemented you because he was visiting all of his old oldest friends and you were the only one that actually asked about how he was doing cared so like how do you implement that in your writing when it it so it's like so direct and you're talking to other people is there a way that you're able to engage them.

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