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Heading this one little C. And, of course. Ah, Rich Lowry. You know, speaking of form and coming out looking bad. Other Democrats over the weekend. Nancy Pelosi included with you know, criticizing an ailing president essentially much shaming the victim. He deserved it. He deserved it. I mean sometimes and that sometimes they always overplay their cards. These Democrats, so I would imagine that the American public would look at that. And of course, it depends on who you support. But you look at people like Nancy Pelosi and Chris Murphy. Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut say the Putin is going to campaign for president. I mean, that's gotta be repulsed people as well. No Yeah, It was definitely repulsive. I don't know how much effect will have an election. That's definitely repulsive. I will say, you know, I Ah, I'm not a fan of hers. Obviously, the Rachel Maddow was was one of the lefties out there really, actually, quite a moving Statement of how of well wishes for the president. So there's been some of that a cz Well, and the Biden campaign was smart enough to tell their staff shut up on social media. But, you know Chris, Chris Burton? No. Until Chris Murphy the same thing. You're a very busy guy, which Larry? You know what? Every Monday morning with Bernie and I have the head of the National Review, NBC Meet the press writing columns. You know, talking about the president covering the bait? You're a very, very, very busy guy. Which Laurie, will there be time in your busy life tonight? Toe? Watch your Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays. There'll be time. You know Rudy Giuliani actually idea But I do have an event tonight. I'm usually not as busy as you betray me, as so. Ah, might Basam Furtive looking at my phone, but I'll be following. It should be should be a great serious. I really Rudy Rudy Giuliani, the big Yankee fan tries to Ah, convinced Bernie neither. He stopped watching the Yankees. I'm done with it. I checked the box scores, but I don't watch so I called. I called him out. And he actually called in on Friday. Rudy just called in unprovoked. He's tempted. He has he has he been watching, but his time, right? I think you think he goes back tonight, doesn't it? Now That's a lot of will power. It's a lot of wealth, power. Hey, listen, there's just no way I can't see that right. So I have a friend after they dumped Kate. Kate Miller. Kate, What's the name of the God Bless America. Kate Smith Smith. Yeah. Kate Smith. They can tell her I've ever friends like I've never watching again, and and he's kind of stayed true to it. There's no way I could do that real quick 30 seconds ago, I mentioned it, so I'm going to bring it up. Amy Cockney Barrett confirmation hearings starting Monday. Do they happen? Do they help the president? And does he get confirmed before the election? They happen. This's such a nonsense thing. With Democrats saying there has to be cancelled. The Judiciary Committee has been doing this hybrid hearings all year long, Some in person, some remote. They'll just do the same thing. There's no reason for them not to go ahead. The Democrats obviously have nothing on her. She's eminently qualified, and she'll be confirmed. I think the whole thing has had less political effect, and I would have thought that just the three dominant issues Are the economy, health care and Tobin and Supreme Court's this way down there, and there's just no way Republicans are going to miss this historic opportunity. So I'd be shocked if he's not, which is always are not a good job. A great job once again. NATIONAL REVIEW NBC Catching on Meet the press every now and then. On a Sunday check out his columns all over the country, especially here in New York, in the New York Post, and Good luck to you, Yanks. Thanks for coming on today. Thanks. Thank you. Alright which Lowry 1 808 for eight W A B c 1 808 for 8 92 22 Hopefully Congressman Lee Zeldin The Pride of Shorty Long Island may be coming up next hour and on the mayor himself Rudy Giuliani coming up at 905 on this Monday edition. Of Bernie and said, opinion and information. Never miss a headline like 77 WNBC on Facebook. Folks, Are you still feel you still feeling sluggish from the extra weight you put on the last few months? Lots of folks during this Kobe did nothing but eat. What you gonna do that Jim's were closed and was hard to work out. But here's the good news, my friend off the tour of it's Dr T. He's a genius, and he is going.

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